Blockchain - for the safe flights

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Blockchain - for the safe flights

Blockchain is going to solve flight protection matter and here is how.

Aviation has an immense effect on our being. Everyday perform over 100,000 flights, serving more than 2 million humans. Air route is accounted above 63 000 000 workplaces. The world-wide business effect of air routes prevaricates almost 2.7 trillion dollars. However, all the more with the fixed growth of air security and usual criteria representing the practice of pilots, there are various outflow not appropriately spoken. Single of them is to analysis the flight exponent.

Since everyone complicated air manufacture make use of various huge and all-purpose, normally obscure and occasionally outdated data systems. Repugnances in information can basis many troubles not just concern the interests and usable honorableness, on the other hand - many significantly - on people's lives. The crucial matter representing aviatrix and mentors of the flight can fake a newspaper introduction of the aviation, to take the feel of the captain is not actually there. In addition to accidents the human factor, prevalent deficient information: if it be the incursion information, or aloof the shortage of right ground on bomb divisions, publications maintenence and so on. Each these troubles can be resolved close to exploitation the blockchain application, composing changeless document representing captain logbooks and database maintenance.

Aeron is a modern beginning that focuses on safety, was created by a group of air enthusiasts who consider that blockchain application can be an efficient and ideal method of solving any significant troubles in aviation. Aeron aims to develop the safety of General and commercial aviation - the activity of a world-wide decentralised air document below the discover Aeron a Registry. This complete on-line process supported on blockchain application, cover a world-wide air database, available on-line site or motile utilization.

Method of Aeron registration on the basis of experimental data and aircraft exhibitors of the files that are stored on the blockchain, is available from the state audit and cannot be tampered with. This will speed up the change data for each equivalent of letters between customers, airfields, maintenance, and take advantage of the party. Thus, all of humanity, including the procedure and flying bombs, used to individuals using planes, aircraft, embodying the collection and validation of data from exponential flight pedagogical Academy, flight plan, set the pedestals operators, etc. The registration process aeronova can also be pragmatic to give a reason for keeping bombs and the prosecution of reserve units for checking and maintaining the contract with the touch stones.

In September, the Aeron was created successfully pre-selling currency ARN, which generates additional than 1 trillion US dollars, showing great strength, which is next to cryptocommunist, investors and production atmosphere. Frank group Aeron to control the marketing of their character with ICO list.

Additional token sale details:

  • Tokens available for sale: 60 million ARN

  • Tokens price: 1 ARN = $0.5 USD

  • Bonus tokens are offered to the early buyers

  • Timeline: September 19 - October 23

Konstantin Gertman, Chief development officer of Aeron comments: 

“We saw a great opportunity to represent the blockchain to collect as a service. The superiority of blockchain data stored securely, can't be poorly thought out and is completely transparent to all consumers. This allowed the after several certification SIG, any changes in the data. Our constant goal is to create a” channel in the husk " with the common port of the owner to interact with blockchain.”

To learn more on ICO list of Aeron, please, visit Aeron website https://aeron.aeron and to go further in advance


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