Cryptron - ambitious ICO for IBAN technology

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Cryptron - ambitious ICO for IBAN technology

Cryptron ITO has already started the long-awaited pre-sale. That's why we decided to write a detailed review on this ITO. The team is set to roll out a versatile system that will work hard in order to deliver a new-age banking system that could replace the legal banking as we know it.

How is the team planning to reach this ambitious goal?

The team, including core coding talent, will look to roll out a suite of services, all powered by blockchains and all decentralized. In this way, all the benefits, promised by cryptocurrencies and blockchains, will be obtained.

These are the main components of this broad-based system:

  • Mobile bank for crypto

  • Crypto acquiring

  • Platform with open API

  • Blockchains-powered lending

Let's look in more detail at each of these sections.

Mobile bank for crypto

We all know that the payments industry offers a lot of room for cryptocurrencies to develop in. Cryptron will leverage its in-platform capabilities to deliver instant payments, connecting to millions of stores all over the world.

Users will be able to win from rewarding loyalty programs and cashback systems.

Following a straight-forward registration procedure, users will be able to transact via front-running technological solutions, including NFC, IBAN and ApplePay.

Crypto acquiring

With more and more merchants flocking to crypto, these companies are in the urgent need of a reliable and smoothly-running solution. Cryptron acquiring system might be just what they need. Thanks to its capabilities to deliver native integrations with various POS software and simplified settlements between crypto and fiat, it will surely gain traction among traders all around the world.

Platform with open API

The open API architecture of this platform will enable traders to integrate third-party solutions and leverage the opportunities this brings. No need to worry that software from other vendors might conflict with the platform's solutions.

Blockchains-powered lending

The lending industry has already started to be transformed through the influence of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Cryptron will become a front-running player, marrying together smart contracts, standard scoring systems and expanded liquidity, brought by crypto markets.

Advanced tech at the core of Cryptron

The cryptocurrency is safely secured through the Scrypt PoW/poS (Hybrid), which enables to both mine and stake coins, benefiting a wider range of potential holders, some of whom prefer holding, while others seek to mine.

Contributors can purchase coins during the Pre-ICO and ICO using a wide range of payment methods. Subsequently, the cryptocurrency will be traded at major exchanges, enabling quick swaps with other crypto.

The use of blockchains enables to avoid the need for the two parties to a transaction to trust each. Instead, all they need to do is to trust a smart contract, which is much more feasible in many cases. The Cryptron platform will bring security and trustless relations between individuals, businesses, municipalities and governments to the forefront, causing a destructive wave across the financial markets.

Decentralization brings the assurance that even only one node is online, the system will remain operational. Taking into account the fact that there will be thousands of nodes, this scenario is highly improbable.

Limited supply to drive prices up

The supply is limited at 6 billion Cryptron coins. Drive by the law of supply and demand, the prices will go up with the supply limited at a constant level and the demand revving up due to influxes of hundreds of new individual and corporate users.

Benefits to ASICs users

Purchasing the coins at the pre-ICO and ICO stages can be an interesting idea for those miners who already use ASICs. The algorithm is based on SHA-256 calculations matrix, which has successfully undergone numerous tests by various cryptocurrencies, which have been using the Scrypt algorithm to set up both PoW and PoS systems.

Road map

The road map shows concentrated efforts by the team to roll out the solutions in the fastest possible manner in 2018, including integration with merchants and releases of both the wallet and platform.


The talented coders, at the core of the team, will surely help navigate the crypto-world and meet the expectations of target audiences as to functionalities and user interface.


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