Final Week of HydroMiner Token Sale

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Final Week of HydroMiner Token Sale

HydroMiner is entering the last week of their very successful Token Sale.They already raised over 7,600 Ether, and the good news is that you can still avail of a 5% bonus. What this means is that anyone who purchases H20 tokens this week, will receive an extra 5%, up to 10am on Wednesday, November 15. Remember to whitelist your Ethereum address before contributing. 

Right after the Token Sale ends, HydroMiner will be listed on Singapore crypto exchange COSS,,  a digital ecosystem that combines the most in-demand cryptocurrency services and products. 

The HydroMiner team found enthusiastic supporters in the community, with over 2,000 people on their Telegram channel alone. 

The funding is but the start of their mining enterprise. This week, they put in their first million Dollar order for Bitcoin miners. The Antminer S9 is the world’s most efficient Bitcoin miner, and HydroMiner will deploy more mining units in the coming weeks. Tokens purchased during the ICO can be redeemed for mining time, starting in February 2018.

Remember, the 5% bonus will end on November 15, so if you are excited about HydroMiner's value proposition, now is the time to buy a stake on this project. You can join here.


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