Fresh look at the Hodler Mining ICO

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Fresh look at the Hodler Mining ICO

Hodler Mining is a cryptocurrency mining tool dubbed on the website as an expedition which seeks to counter the cloud mining operations that are based on monthly or yearly contracts. The first phase - the Pre ICO - is over and it has now moved into the second phase which is the actual ICO.

The Hodler Mining idea is based on the unique historical mining format and being located in one of the biggest old mines is contributing to its success in this regard. However, it is important to note that the mining done by the company is mainly focused on Altcoins.

The idea of Hodler Mining is creating a crowdfunded cryptocurrency mining operation to ensure profit and durability of cryptocurrency. It does this by using some of the most advanced mining techniques and equipment currently available. This includes what is known as immersion or submersion cooling technology.

It is built with 8 different programming languages and blockchain 3.0 technology. The Hodler Mining tokens have inherent metadata that makes for transparency and information flow. The tokens sold during Phase 1 was 2020 HODLR and there is 997750 HODLR.

The Hodler Company is a trusted company with several other projects ongoing beyond this and has had previous success with its Qredit ICO. Its previous project Qredit which saw great acclaim was built on the idea of a simple payment and reward platform. This platform sought to provide a tool that ensured its buyers could use their tokens as a form of payment.

The platform allowed for the use of physical NFC cards between its buyers and sellers which was a way of receiving tokens. Alongside this, it had a tool known as the Qreditcard, which can also be used to receive tokens on the Neblio platform.

This kind of innovative thinking, experience, background and history contributes to the success of the Hodler Company and this ICO. Hodler has a demonstrable track record even acclaimed by ICO ratings and reviews.

This coin has been created to be very profitable and convertible which will be beneficial to all its stakeholders as they will receive monthly payments from these earnings. It is a unique system that eliminates the contracts and instead uses the latest technology to create snapshots of the blockchain which allow its stakeholders receive their profits.

Unique Features of Hodler Mining

  1. The Neblio Platform which opens up the endless possibilities for cryptocurrency mining.backed by the most advanced blockchain technology - blockchain 3.0
  2. Its unique location in Chemelot, the large industrial complex in Geleen, a site that used to be the biggest coal mine in the Netherlands. This fantastic location at an original, empty mine gives it a unique touch.
  3. Its durability and transparency which is one of its most important targets and the aim behind this operation in cryptocurrency
  4. Its two ICO phases gives everyone the chance to benefit from one phase or the other and not lose out.
  5. The Hodler system uses its own mining pool to make it more interesting as well as lower mining fees. This ensures that the most is made of it by guaranteeing maximum output and profit from the mining. Any fees that are earned from the mining pool are redistributed among the holder of the tokens which also benefits its investors.
  6. Hodler Mining has an advanced security and monitoring system that helps track operations and give it the stability and assurance necessary for such investments.
  7. It is backed by strong, stable and powerful systems including fast internet, constant electricity and around the clock security. This means that not only are electricity costs very low, the mining operations are not exposed to the possibility of a shutdown due to electricity failure. The technology and process employed in the mining ensures an energy efficiency of up to 95% which is a great deal higher than most others.
  8. The great team of pioneers, qualified technicians and process operators offer the best service in terms of the brains and capacity behind the operations.
  9. The Hodler Mining facility is backed by a great setup and maintenance process and culture which ensures its sustainability and continued smooth running.

Other great features are its realistic output and exchange listings.

The setup for Hodler Mining aims to create the most stable and thriving atmosphere for cryptocurrency mining which lends credence to it.

Vital ICO Information

  • Token Name: Hodler Mining
  • Token Symbol: HODLR
  • Total Token Amount or Max Supply: 1,000,000
  • Exchange Rate: 1 HODLR = 150 Euros
  • Originating Country: The Netherlands
  • Minimal Transaction Amount: 1 HODLR/150 Euros
  • Platform and Protocol: NEBLIO, NTP1
  • Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH, BCH, DASH, DOGE, XRP, LTC, XMR, USDT, NEBL, FIAT (Cash drop), PayPal
  • Exempted Countries: The United States of America, Bangladesh, North Korea, South Korea, Syria
  • PRE-ICO Start Date: June 1st 2018 (12:00 CET)
  • PRE-ICO End Date: July 15th 2018 (23:59 CET) unless 150.000 "Hodler Mining Tokens" are sold, whichever comes first.
  • ICO Start Date: July 16th 2018 (18:00 CET)
  • ICO End Date: Until all Hodler Mining Tokens are sold.
  • Token Value during PRE-ICO: 100 EURO per 1 HODLR
  • Minimum Purchase PRE-ICO: 1 HODLR Token (100 EUR)
  • Maximum Crowd Sale Cap: 150 000 000 EURO
  • Airdrops and Bounty program: 0.0005% which amounts to a maximum of 500 tokens purchased by the company

The ICO according to the Company may be paused several times in order to keep up with the physical work of setting up the farm with the funds that are being raised. A maximum of 10 rounds is anticipated depending on the time-frame in which the funds have been raised. As anticipated, the larger the amount of funds being raised in short periods of time, the more rounds there will be.

Hodler Mining gives interested investors the most opportunity to enjoy from this chance while still possible.

The Pre-ICO investors were given the opportunity of one-off purchases of tokens for 125 Euro per HODLR which came to a minimum of 1 HODLR and a maximum of their purchased amount during the Pre ICO. The token value during the current ICO phase is however more variable as it depends on the hardware costs and market circumstances.

Benefits of Hodler Mining

  1. It is a way to develop another stream of income - everyone wants to ensure their financial stability by investing in a variety of things and ideas across different fields. In the cryptocurrency field, this is one of the ways you can secure another income maker in a different currency than the fiat or traditional currency you work with. With Hodler Mining, it is not just a one time income either but a lifetime passive income that can keep enriching you for a long while after. This makes it a great opportunity to invest in.
  2. While investors in the Hodler Mining ICO are able to benefit from the advanced technology and earn passive income, the profitability of the business is also ensured which gives it capability and credibility. These are the backbone of financial security and a major determinant in its success.
  3. It accepts a wide range of currencies both traditional and non traditional which includes BTC, ETH, BCH, DASH, DOGE, XRP, LTC, XMR, USDT, NEBL, FIAT (Cash drop) and PayPal. This broadens the horizons for investments and makes it possible for a wider range of interested stakeholders to participate in this ICO. Payments can be made following direct contact with the team where stakeholders want to use the manual methods of Direct Bank Transfer, Cash Drop at physical location or Neblio. Alternatively, they can go ahead with the other methods used to obtain HODLR tokens such as Bitcoin through Bitcoin, Cash, Bitstamp, DASH, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, or Tether.
  4. The initial token distribution ratio for Hodler Mining is very beneficial to all its investors as the majority percentage of 99.9995% goes to its investors while just 0.0005% is allocated to its bounty program ensuring more fairness, transparency, accountability and meritocracy in the system.
  5. The mining profit allocation also follows this system as 90% of the mining profits is dedicated to HODLR Token Holders while just 10% is allocated to its team and for reinvestment.
  6. One of the attractions here is also the pull of being able to visit the mining facility as well as exploring it online here. This is a unique touch to add which has been seen positive feedback. This brings the inspiration and unique feeling of the mine beyond the team at Hodler to any of its interested stakeholders. Everyone is allowed and even encouraged to visit the Hodler mining facility to get a feel for the place. This provides unrestricted access to stakeholders and interested parties, allowing them touch and feel this historical facility. In its truly accessible fashion, visitors are allowed not just to see and feel the rigs but also to ask questions and have conversations with the team onsite which includes its developers and other team members.
  7. Being at the heart of Europe, the Hodler company offers major opportunities for itself and to others. It is exposed to the best in innovation, education, know-how, accountability and technical ability. It aims to become one of the biggest and best in the business which is equally a boost for its investors.

The Hodler Mining Team

Hodler Mining is backed by a group of experts that are knowledgeable and accessible. The team behind this is made up of a variety of experts in their individual lines of work who also have a track record of successful projects including in cryptocurrency as evidence by its previous work on Qredit. The team members include:

  • Nayiem Willems who is the Chief Executive Officer as well as plays the role of Head of Development. He can be reached via email or on LinkedIn. He is the cofounder of the company and a blockchain developer as well.
  • Javed Mohammad who plays the role of Chief Technical Officer and is a cofounder as well. He is an IT and System Developer who is reachable via email as well as on LinkedIn.
  • Marco Valize who is a Web and Database Developer at the company. Also reachable via LinkedIn and email.
  • Hans Peters is in charge of Marketing Operations at Hodler and as published on the website, can be reached via email and on LinkedIn.
  • Bjorn Koerts handles the Customer Relations part of Hodler’s work and is available on LinkedIn and email.

There is no fixed end date for the ICO as it will go on until all of its tokens have been sold which means it can go very quickly and all interested investors need to jump in on this opportunity to be a part of this.

More information on this ICO can be gotten on the website or for even more details, read the whitepaper which is accessible in three languages - English, Español and Dutch.

You can sign up to join this second phase by registering here. Once registered, you will be requested to apply for your KYC which will allow you purchase the tokens. You can then find the Purchase HODLR tab on your profile when you have access.

You can read up on some of their previous press as well. The founders spoke extensively about their amazing work in this Dutch article that can provide additional information on their work, journey and other project as well as what they are doing with the Hodler Company. It is also highly rated by ICO Reviewers including by Foundico which is charged with finding trusted ICOs. You can read more about its high rating of 8.4 here.

You can ask questions or talk to one of our representatives on the website. There is a live chat feature that allows you cover any enquiries you might have. The Hodler Mining website however goes further to answer Frequently Asked Questions which might cover any questions you might have. If not, there is a feature for filling in a contact form.

There are also many great channels to reach out on including Telegram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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