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MedicoHealth – Providing Solution To Healthcare Problems, Using Blockchain Technology

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MedicoHealth – Providing Solution To Healthcare Problems, Using Blockchain Technology

The popularity of blockchain technology has soared over the past few years. The technology is permeating almost every aspect of human living at an impressive speed. Lots of platforms are springing up, almost on a daily basis, inculcating the popular blockchain technology to offer even the most unexpected use cases. As expected, a larger section of the worlds population have embraced the technology with open arms, subscribing daily to the use cases that blockchain powered platforms are offering.

However, the world is still waiting to feel the full impact of the all important technology in the healthcare system. Present day healthcare system is laced with numerous troubles, from delay in consultation to unprofessional medical advice.

Merritt Hawkins once opined that it takes an average of up to 24 days for an initial appointment to be scheduled between a patient and a physician in a number of urban areas in the USA.

This problem is not unique to Americans. GP appointment in some other parts of the world will take up to an average waiting time of three to seven weeks.

Resultant from this trend, people are starting to rely on search engines to get information that they should have ordinarily gotten from a physician. Of course, there is a lot of risk involved in this act.

With this, improved access to healthcare has become a major challenge to the health sector. The need for a functional technology that will solve the problem of delayed access to medical care has led to the creation of MedicoHealth, a platform that uses decentralized technology to improve patients access to professional healthcare services at a record time with all data and information fully secured.

What Is MedicoHealth?

Medico health intends to become a leading solution in the world of medicine. It seeks to create a redefinition in the way medical care is being administered. The platform is integrating all the necessary mechanisms that will help it in the pursuit of its goal to become the biggest platform on the blockchain ecosystem that will allow seamless interaction between doctors and patients.

A major objective of the company is to take health care to a whole new level, where users are assured of an advanced system that will improve their health. The company will continue growing its database of doctors and provide a platform where they'll interact with patients, while the revealed information and data about the patient is kept optimally secured. More information with current updates and partnerships is available on

How The Platform Operates

The operation of MedicoHealth is quite unique and outstanding. Patients will be offered with a large database of doctors that are specialized in different areas. The patients will be able to choose the doctor that best resonates with their interest, depending on the information that is accessible from the doctors credentials. With all these operations happening on a platform that runs on blockchain technology, you are guaranteed that your data is highly protected. This will improve user experience for the patients, since they'll now have an increased shot at getting the best medical personal to handle their specific needs. On the other hand, medical practitioners that are professionals in their area of study will be contacted by the right patients. It is basically a win-win for all parties.

When you browse through the platform, you'll find doctors with broad spectrum of specialisations. You can also see the price attached, so that you'll know what to expect before hand.

The Problem MedicoHealth Is Solving

Currently, the healthcare system is ladened with a number of lapses. An average patient is limited on the options he/she has when in a condition that requires urgent attention from a reliable and well qualified health consultant. In some parts of the world, patients are made to wait for days with chronic health issues, before they get access to medical consultation and when the consultation comes eventually, it is hurriedly done, and does not cover the depths that they should. It is also often so expensive that patients have to pay through their tooth for it. This are major problems the MedicoHealth blockchain-based project intends to provide solutions to. It is specially designed to bring improvements to the already fragmented healthcare system, where a major difference can be made by attempting to solve one very important issue. The platform will allow users to have access to some of the world's most qualified healthcare specialists, with patients identity remaining anonymous and safe.

The platform regularly updates information regarding license validity, as well as physician credentials on a decentralized database that cannot altered. The system runs on token, for the compensation of service providers and the sorting out of all other underlying protocols.

Major Advantages of MedicoHealth

The health industry is growing at an almost overwhelming speed. This growth is basically focused on its value and complexity. The problem, however, is that the industry is yet to be fully disrupted by IT.

IT has been playing major roles in lots of other industries, with decentralized ledger technology enabling data immutability, traceability, ease of transactions, and creation of secure privacy protection methods. All these are what the modern day healthcare system needs for better functionality.

The connection between stakeholders need to be further strengthened.

MedicoHealth was born after a careful examination of the possibilities that blockchain technology will bring to healthcare. Here are some of such possibilities that MedicoHealth is bringing through with the use of blockchain technology:

Easy Access

With a platform that does more to connect a large number of qualified doctors and healthcare specialists, it has become easy to get access to the best doctors to handle special cases.

Correct Treatment

A platform that allows for secured exchange of knowledge and information between specialists, insurance and third parties will allow that all prescribed treatments are professional and correct.

Made To Improve

A lot has been rolled out to improve user experience on the platform. The cost of health insurance is drastically reduced, waiting lists are made shorter, and users are getting more personalized health care delivery.

MedicoHealth Platform is presently developing its framework to be channeled towards two application subcategories:

  • Doctor To Patient Subcategory

This category will basically break the gap that exists in communication and allow seamless exchange of data and information between patients and top physicians around the world.

  • Doctor To Doctor Subcategory

This category will serve the purpose of giving doctors opportunity to seek advice from other professionals on their field. They'll also find it useful to exchange technical knowledge on certain diagnostics as well as receive necessary information and updates about changing symptoms.

MedicoHealth are working tirelessly to bring on board, a platform that is not only unique, but is also functional on all aspects to meet up with all promises. The project has been developed in these phases:

  • Blockchain: The platform will inculcate the blockchain technology into its operation, to ensure that users are guaranteed security during payments, and every data is kept safe.

  • Web Portal: This will make it easier for patients to be able to search online for doctor's records and know which doctor will best be able to handle their cases well.

  • The platform will build a health data marketplace application that will comply with all current data privacy modules.

As an additional feature to the platform, MedicoHealth Platform will ensure communication between patients and health specialists across border, to build on available facilities in order to satisfy patients requiring extra attention.

ICO Overview

Being part of the ICO does not only give participant access to the platform's token, it also makes them key contributors to the improvement universal healthcare system. As a participant, your token gets you one step closer to a physician when you fall sick or in need of urgent medical care. Your token also contributes to the effort of giving sick and aged people all around the world access to professional healthcare services.

Early contributors will have very special privileges including 20% to 50% bonus, depending on time of contribution and contribution weight. For them, the bonus will be locked from 6 to 12 months. There is also the possibility for them to pay in either EUR, USD, or BTC.

The exchange rate for ETH/USD will remain constant, once crowdsale has started, and this will remain so throughout the period of the crowdsale.

Token Details

The token usable throughout the ecosystem of MedicoHealth is the MHP token. It will serve as the means of payment for robust and safe delivery of services over all subsystems.

MHP token will serve the following purposes

  • Secure payment

  • Safety and security of data as well as access management

  • Physician identification and easy check of license validity.

Payment Module

The relationship that will exist between a patient and a physician will be defined by a smart contract. The use of blockchain will ensure that payments are automatically processed. The smart contract also covers payment terms and the possibility to challenge quality of service provided.

Since the company understands that direct payment can compromise the anonymity of communication and data access, it has implemented mechanisms that will make all forms of payment and tokenization on the platform completely anonymous. To further facilitate this, MedicoHealth will implement an anonymous payment channel like Bolt.

Token Statistics

  • Ticker Symbol - MHP

  • Token Price - $0.08

  • Token Type - ETH

  • Private Presale - 4,000,000 USD

  • Presale - 16,500,000 USD

  • Goal - 23,500,000 USD

  • Crowdsale - 65%

  • Founders and team 12%

  • Advisors and ambassadors - 7%

  • Contributors - 6%

  • Future partners - 6%

  • Future development 4%

  • Bonus

  • Early contributors - 20% - 50%

  • Presale - 10%

  • Crowdsale Bonus

  • Day 1 = 10% Bonus

  • Day 2 to 4 = 7% Bonus

  • Day 4 to 10 = 5% Bonus

  • Day 10 to 30 = 3% Bonus


1. 2015

  • Identifying the issues related with security and information exchange in the healthcare Industry

  • Developing theories and solutions that will enable the use of blockchain for efficient information exchange.

  • Acquiring seed capital of up to 500k from founders

2. 2016

  • Further research on how technology can impact healthcare sector.

  • Beta testing of core technologies.

3. 2017

  • Private testing of Beta Version

  • Picking Core Team

  • Developing the "go to market strategy".

  • Establishing referral network

4. 2018 Q1

  • Private Pre-Sale

  • Final Testing and selection of best blockchain technologies and protocol that will be usable on the platform.

5. 2018 Q2

  • WhitePaper finalization

  • Whitelisting

  • Developing Concept Proof with chosen local storage and encryption features

6. 2018 Q3

  • Implementation of decentralized exchange and testing of key exchange

  • Scalability tests involving selected partners from selected countries

  • Release of Beta mobile app for doctors and users.

7. 2018 Q4

  • Presale

  • Crowdsale

  • Decentralized storage

  • Implementation

  • Extended testing.

8. 2019

  • Tokenized payment module

  • Identity Module for Physicians

  • Launch of Mobile App that supports secured communication

  • Launch of Blockchain platform that allows third party developers.

  • Full functionality of platform

  • Expansion to GUS & RUS

  • Extension of market into the US and Latin America, with new partnership been developed with health insurance company from all corners of the globe.

9. 2020

  • Further establishing partnership with hospitals and healthcare centers using the platform.

  • Expansion into the Middle East

  • Expansion into Africa

  • Establishing partnership with Universities.



We can quite assure the public that it is safe to invest on the platform at this moment, considering the number of partners and angel investors already subscribed to MedicoHealth. These factors and a lot others should give you the confidence that you are certainly not throwing your money away when you invest on MedicoHealth. Get more up to date information on

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