Swiss Private Banking delving into Blockchain Era

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Swiss Private Banking delving into Blockchain Era

Once bankers unlock possibilities with Blockchain the entire Asset Management industry will start changing and transforming, and this will happen in the nearest future.

SwissBorg has reinvented the way of work of the ecosystem of Wealth Management by building democratic Decentralized Autonomous organization through the leverage of Ethereum Network. With the help of digital branchless platform the project will provide cyber-secure financial services in Canada, Japan and Switzerland.

“In the nearest future Blockchain technology will become a widespread disruptive power in Financial Sector. It will increase competition, improve services and information access and national limits and transaction costs, as a result, will be reduced. We want to create a link of democratic financial services with the investment of min 1 CHF, which will be accessible to anyone from any corner of the world”, Cyrus Fazel, Founder, CEO.

Main points:
  • Swiss Borg is the DAO issuing CHSB Token with the voting and economic rights over Swiss Cooperative to its owner, as well as to receive revenues generated by the DAO.

  • Cryptallion is the 1st products is Multi-strategy Token Hedge fund, which gives participants exposure to upgraded investment strategies in cryptocurrencies with competitive fee strategies. Cryptallion (CSB) Token will be 100% distributed to the network.

  • The Smart Mandate is an Investment Mandate, which is encoded in a Smart Contract. Each client will have its transparent Smart Mandate, which will allow to collaborate with several Financial Advisors hands-down. The client will be able to change the banking requirements and investment strategies.

  • Cyborg Advisor which is the best technological tools for investment strategies and is based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms, which helps holistically many assets.

The main goal is to innovate Private Banking field with cyber-secure, transparent and client friendly investment solutions.

SwissBorg is at the stage of fundraising currently and in November 21st will start its ICO.


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