User-centric marketplace

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User-centric marketplace

On the 5th of August, Agora launched its ICO after months of work

The Agora is a marketplace with fairness and privacy by design. To do so, they want to create a user-centric marketplace where there is no entity above all the others that manage the marketplace.

Review of the project

The whitepaper fully describe all the aspects of the project. The part about regulation explains how they will moderate the content over the marketplace without taking all the control over it. Team motivation is something important that we also can find in the whitepaper. Behind all ICOs, there is a team with a vision of a product. Reading the whitepaper will help you within the first lines, to understand the reason behind such a project: participate in the creation of a more sustainable economy.

They have also thought about the long-term development with ambitious project like a distributed search-engine or parcel deliveries.

Under the hood

Agora is working over Ethereum for the logic and IPFS for the content. It works without requiring the user to install something on its computer since it relies on trusted distributed technologies. The marketplace will be available directly at "" once ready and will use public nodes.

Investing details

You're becoming a shareholder when investing into Agora. Every time a transaction will be made over the marketplace, you'll have a part of this transaction. More precisely, a 2% fee is applied and then share among shareholders. The development team holds 1/6 of the total-supply parts. The parts held by the team are indefinitely frozen. We keep this 1/6 to earn money and be able to develop the market on the long-term run.

Furthermore, if the ICO project isn't a success (which means we didn't raised the 500 ethers) you can destroy your tokens and get back your Ethers.


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