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Kepler Technologies (KEP)

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Type: ICO
Category: Artificial intelligence
Verified team: No
Whitelist of investors: Yes
KYC of investors: Yes
Goal of funding (Soft cap): 5.000.000 USD
Goal of funding (Hard cap): 15.000.000 USD
Tokens for sale: KEP
Token price: 1 KEP = 0.05 USD
Minimum purchase: 100 KEP
Airdrop program: No
Bounty program: Yes
Have escrow agent: No
Have working prototype: Yes
White paper: Open
Currencies: ETH, BTC
Platform: Ethereum
Location: Georgia


KEPLER is a platform that provides an ecosystem of services through an easy-to-use interface, connecting exciting Robotics and AI startups to investors while allowing full transparency and trace ability of investments. The KEPLER platform aims to create a global marketplace platform for investing in robotic and high-tech through a transparent and decentralized portal controlled and managed by investors.


Start date is to be announced
development of a platform 12.00%
own blockchain 8.00%
Construction of permises 20.00%
Construction of infrastructure 20.00%
Purchase of equipment for the creation, testing and production of robotics 20.00%
Overhead, Operation, Administration 10.00%
Global Marketing 10.00%
Bonuses and discounts
pre-sale: 30%
ICO 1st stage: 20%
ICO 2nd stage: 10%
ICO 3rd stage: 5%


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16.05.2018 acquiring 550000 square meter land from government

13.09.2018 Launching Kepler Platform in alpha stage

14.11.2018 construction of mega factory

20.12.2018 Launching Kepler Platform

25.01.2019 Launching Fully equipped Lab

20.09.2019 Opening Mega Factory and Launching the full production cycle

20.03.2020 official opening of Kepler Complex


Giorgi Topuria


Givi Dolidze


Assylbek Momynov

Director - Kepler City

Igor Senshov

Director of infrastructure operating department

Mari Shubalidze

Head of HR

Nino Rukhadze


Tika Nadareishvili

Head Of PR

Allan Dacunos

Community Manager

Vano Tvauri

Lead Developer

Toko Xucishvili

Web Developer

Saba Tkeshelashvili

Software Engineer

Tako Kvernadze

Graphic Designer

Ilia Chigogidze

R&D Team Manager


Kiril Kazakov

ICO Advisor

Simon Choi

ICO Advisor

Reuben Godfrey

ICO Advisor

Jason Hung

ICO Advisor

Rumen Slavchov

Marketing Advisor

Vladimir Nikitin

ICO advisor


Github commits for the last 6 months
Global rank: 1.055.163 Alexa rank for Kepler Technologies ICO


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