Каталог актуальных ICO и pre-ICO проектов связанных с криптовалютой и блокчейном.

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NAU NAU (Pre-ICO) Завершится 27.11.2017
(61% зав.)
Премиум Социальные сети Всё инфо
NAU is a platform that directly connects retailers with customers. Blockchain-based, it allows users... Всё инфо
Cointed Cointed (ICO) Завершится 28.02.2018
(21% зав.)
Премиум Финансы
Cointed Cointed
Even though cryptocurrencies have brought a whole new dimension in creating value, consumers regular...
CryptoSoft CryptoSoft (ICO) Завершится 30.11.2017
(55% зав.)
Премиум Майнинг
CryptoSoft CryptoSoft
Be a part of the most amazing CryptoMining ecosystem!
BetOpen BetOpen (ICO) Завершится 31.01.2018
(33% зав.)
Премиум Азартные игры
BetOpen BetOpen
Advanced sports betting platform with huge amount of outstanding features.
Within 2 month sinc...
LWF - Local World Forwarders LWF - Local World Forwarders (Pre-ICO) Завершится 15.12.2017
(20% зав.)
Премиум Логистика
LWF - Local World Forwarders LWF - Local World Forwarders
First decentralized Platform in the World. Revolutionizing the Logistics concept. First Platform tha...
GlobeTrotter Cryptocurrency Ecosystem GlobeTrotter Cryptocurrency Ecosystem (Pre-ICO) Завершится 30.11.2017
(16% зав.)
Инфраструктура Всё инфо
GlobeTrotter Cryptocurrency Ecosystem GlobeTrotter Cryptocurrency Ecosystem
GlobeTrotter is bringing the first truly stable cryptocurrency into the public mainstream through a ... Всё инфо
Worldwide Asset eXchange Worldwide Asset eXchange (Pre-ICO) Завершится 29.11.2017
(13% зав.)
Развлечения Всё инфо
Worldwide Asset eXchange Worldwide Asset eXchange
Платформа WAX позволяет геймерам совершать P2P-сделки где угодно и когда угодно. Всё инфо
Elpis Investments Elpis Investments (Pre-ICO) Завершится 31.03.2018
(11% зав.)
Финансы Всё инфо
Elpis Investments Elpis Investments
Elpis will be the first crypto-asset investment fund totally driven by Artificial Intelligence. We h... Всё инфо
Geens NPO Geens NPO (ICO) Завершится 07.12.2017
(34% зав.)
Для взрослых Всё инфо
Geens NPO Geens NPO
Privacy Focused Blockchain Timestamping Office. Geens encrypted document storage is connected to the... Всё инфо
HOQU HOQU (Pre-ICO) Завершится 20.11.2017
(86% зав.)
Платежи Всё инфо
The world's first Decentralized Affiliate Platform Всё инфо
Cashaa Cashaa (ICO) Завершится 05.12.2017
(37% зав.)
Финансы Всё инфо
Cashaa Cashaa
The Next Generation Banking Platform for the Next Billion Всё инфо
fidentiaX fidentiaX (ICO) Завершится 05.12.2017
(39% зав.)
Финансы Всё инфо
fidentiaX fidentiaX
World's 1st Marketplace for Tradable Insurance Policies by leveraging on Blockchain technology to di... Всё инфо
ChainTrade ChainTrade (Pre-ICO) Завершится 31.12.2017
(47% зав.)
Финансы Всё инфо
ChainTrade ChainTrade
ChainTrade is the first blockchain-based trading platform for food and raw materials (commodity ... Всё инфо
algo.land algo.land (ICO) Завершится 10.12.2017
(41% зав.)
Финансы Всё инфо
algo.land algo.land
algo.land is a decentralized algo-trading pool that is based on a smart contract. We bring already p... Всё инфо
payperEx payperEx (ICO) Завершится 19.12.2017
(65% зав.)
Финансы Всё инфо
payperEx payperEx
The PayperEx network is going to decentralize the share market by creating an alternative trading ne... Всё инфо
U.CASH U.CASH (ICO) Завершится 08.12.2017
(77% зав.)
U.CASH is combining cash with digital currencies, a retail network of converters, apps and partner i...
Authoreon Authoreon (ICO) Завершится 31.12.2017
(70% зав.)
Управление и власть
Authoreon Authoreon
Decentralizing Cyber Security, Trust & Traceability for consumers, corporations, governments & organ...
BTCsearch BTCsearch (ICO) Завершится 31.12.2017
(59% зав.)
BTCsearch BTCsearch
BTCsearch is a search engine. For each entered query or viewing ads Satoshi are accrued.
Cash Poker Pro Cash Poker Pro (ICO) Завершится 18.11.2017
(95% зав.)
Азартные игры
Cash Poker Pro Cash Poker Pro
Cash Poker Pro is a modern decentralized poker room with a network structure and a mechanism for fas...
CryptoCopy CryptoCopy (ICO) Завершится 25.12.2017
(14% зав.)
Для взрослых
CryptoCopy CryptoCopy
CryptoCopy is platform that allows you to copy investments of successful cryptocurrency traders and ...
Zap Zap (Pre-ICO) Завершится 20.11.2017
(89% зав.)
Zap Zap
Zap is an open platform for creating, sharing, and monetizing deterministic oracles from data feeds ...
GMP Project GMP Project (Pre-ICO) Завершится 27.11.2017
(84% зав.)
Для взрослых
GMP Project GMP Project
Global Metrology Project (GMP) is an international project aimed to create a network of metrology ce...
Crypto Improvement Fund Crypto Improvement Fund (ICO) Завершится 01.01.2018
(51% зав.)
Управление и власть
Crypto Improvement Fund Crypto Improvement Fund
The Crypto Improvement Fund (CIF) is a community project which will spur the growth and popu...
Publica Publica (ICO) Завершится 01.12.2017
(55% зав.)
Publica Publica
Publica - Blockchain revolution for the publishing economy

Publica will fuel an ecosyst...
Hada DBank Hada DBank (Pre-ICO) Завершится 17.12.2017
(5% зав.)
Hada DBank Hada DBank
We’re sitting on a pivot point of the next technological shift since the conception of blockchain te...
BitDegree BitDegree (ICO) Начало 01.12.2017 Премиум Вычисления
BitDegree BitDegree
The world's most massive blockchain-powered online education platform with token scholarships & ...
Gladius Gladius (Pre-ICO) Начало 24.11.2017 Премиум Вычисления
Gladius Gladius
Gladius is a platform that allows users to rent out their spare bandwidth to fight DDoS attacks and ...
Debitum Network Debitum Network (ICO) Начало 30.11.2017 Премиум Финансы
Debitum Network Debitum Network
Borderless SME business funding. Leveraging Blockchain technology to secure and distribute fiat inve...
SwissBorg SwissBorg (ICO) Начало 21.11.2017 Премиум Финансы
SwissBorg SwissBorg
The SwissBorg project aim to revoluti...
Block Bank Block Bank (Pre-ICO) Начало 20.11.2017 Финансы Всё инфо
Block Bank Block Bank
Block Bank is a digital decentralized commercial
banking entity. Block Bank will provide low c...
Всё инфо
Algory Project Algory Project (ICO) Начало 08.12.2017 Финансы Всё инфо
Algory Project Algory Project
Algory Project is a set of powerful and multifunctional tools focused on cryptocurrency market. Desi... Всё инфо
CoinStarter CoinStarter (Pre-ICO) Начало 06.12.2017 Инфраструктура Всё инфо
CoinStarter CoinStarter
CoinStarter is a first of its kind blockchain platform where users can launch a crowdfunding or coin... Всё инфо
Rexpax Rexpax (Pre-ICO) Начало 05.12.2017 Социальные сети Всё инфо
Rexpax Rexpax
Rexpax is world's largest platform for sharing items. The Rexpax app is a new service that makes the... Всё инфо
StopTheFakes StopTheFakes (Pre-ICO) Начало 21.11.2017 Юриспруденция Всё инфо
StopTheFakes StopTheFakes
Anti-Counterfeit & Copytight Infringement Blockchain Service Всё инфо
ODMCoin ODMCoin (ICO) Начало 01.12.2017 Для взрослых Всё инфо
The project to implement the world's first investment financial blockchain product in the oil an... Всё инфо
Crassula Crassula (ICO) Дата не определена Финансы Всё инфо
Crassula Crassula
Crassula decentralizes payment processing, liquidity, clearinghouse custodianship to help resolve pa... Всё инфо
CanYa CanYa (ICO) Начало 26.11.2017 Инфраструктура Всё инфо
CanYa CanYa
"CanYa is a peer to peer market of skilled services - where users are instantly connected to s... Всё инфо
CoinLoan CoinLoan (ICO) Начало 26.11.2017 Финансы Всё инфо
CoinLoan CoinLoan
CoinLoan is an innovative lending platform where crypto-assets (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Rip... Всё инфо
qaazqaaz qaazqaaz (ICO) Дата не определена Социальные сети
qaazqaaz qaazqaaz
P2P "AdWords" for native advertising through opinion leaders pre-ICO
Tokenza Tokenza (Pre-ICO) Дата не определена Вычисления
Tokenza Tokenza
Tokenza is a community-driven marketplace where people can raise funds or offer freelancing services...
Mira Mira (Pre-ICO) Начало 27.11.2017 Платежи
Mira Mira
Mira is a software suite for buying, storing and sending cryptocurrencies in an easy and convenient ...
Dogezer Dogezer (ICO) Начало 15.01.2018 Инфраструктура
Dogezer Dogezer
Dogezer is a platform that allows team members to be product investors by investing their time and l...
ValhallaCoin ValhallaCoin (Pre-ICO) Начало 05.12.2017 Производство
ValhallaCoin ValhallaCoin
Valhalla is the Human Disaster Recovery solution. Our team of US Navy SEALs and DoJ experts are focu...
Valorem Foundation Valorem Foundation (Pre-ICO) Начало 01.12.2017 Финансы
Valorem Foundation Valorem Foundation
Valorem Foundation's VLR token is the utility token for this ever changing platform. Valorem Fou...
ATFS Project ATFS Project (ICO) Начало 10.01.2018 Производство
ATFS Project ATFS Project
ATFS Project is the world’s first decentralized AgriTech & Food Science crowdfunding project built o...
SocialMedia.Market SocialMedia.Market (ICO) Начало 21.11.2017 Социальные сети
SocialMedia.Market SocialMedia.Market
SocialMedia.Market - is the first decentralised ecosystem to discover, create, run and analyze adver...
Nousplatform Nousplatform (Pre-ICO) Начало 30.11.2017 Финансы
Nousplatform Nousplatform
A Global Platform for Investors and Decentralized Investment Funds
Dimensions Network Dimensions Network (ICO) Начало 24.01.2018 Финансы
Dimensions Network Dimensions Network
Next Generation Crypto Trading Platform. Coins, Options, Futures and other Derivatives. Exchange Liq...
Gizer Gizer (Pre-ICO) Начало 21.11.2017 Компьютерные игры
Gizer Gizer
The Global Gaming Network
injii Access Coin injii Access Coin (Pre-ICO) Начало 20.11.2017 Развлечения
injii Access Coin injii Access Coin
injii platform is an ecosystem of betterment that connects content creators with charitable organiza...
ArtCoin ArtCoin (Pre-ICO) Завершено 15.11.2017 Финансы
ArtCoin ArtCoin
ArtCoin Fund is an investment fund dedicated to modern masterpiece. We are 3 enthusiast art collecto...
Make It Viral Make It Viral (ICO) Завершено 15.11.2017 Развлечения
Make It Viral Make It Viral
MakeItViral is a video sharing platform that differs in various ways from other social medias. The u...
Arbi Arbi (Pre-ICO) Завершено 15.11.2017 Для взрослых
Arbi Arbi
Arbi - ICO Escrow Service #1.
Our mission is to protect investor's funds during ICO and t...
Bitproperty Bitproperty (ICO) Завершено 15.11.2017 Недвижимость
Bitproperty Bitproperty
Bitproperty is a decentralised real estate platform powered by Ethereum smart contracts. Bitproperty...
WEIGRATE WEIGRATE (ICO) Завершено 15.11.2017 Развлечения
WEIGRATE  project with its integrated cryptocurrency and  token will provide additional & advanced w...
Genesis Vision Genesis Vision (ICO) Завершено 15.11.2017 Финансы
Genesis Vision Genesis Vision
Genesis Vision is the platform for the private trust management market, built on blockchain technolo...
utwglobus utwglobus (ICO) Завершено 15.11.2017 Логистика
utwglobus utwglobus
We are building an automated system where people do not spend time on long communication with each o...
Airporn Airporn (ICO) Завершено 14.11.2017 Развлечения
Airporn Airporn
The world’s first anonymous and decentralized adult entertainment video streaming platform powered b...
CRYPTO20 CRYPTO20 (ICO) Завершено 14.11.2017 Финансы Всё инфо
CRYPTO20 is an autonomous crypto-only index fund that tracks the top 20 cryptocurrencies in the same... Всё инфо
SpankChain SpankChain (ICO) Завершено 13.11.2017 Для взрослых
SpankChain SpankChain
SpankChain is a revolutionary blockchain based economic and technological infrastructure for the adu...
SGA Consulting SGA Consulting (ICO) Завершено 13.11.2017 Для взрослых
SGA Consulting SGA Consulting
SGA Consulting services – innovative, fully automated service providing trade recommendations for op...
CamOnRoad CamOnRoad (ICO) Завершено 12.11.2017 Вычисления Всё инфо
CamOnRoad CamOnRoad
There are 4 major parts the project consist of: the car DVR mobile app, the cloud storage for videos... Всё инфо
FinTab FinTab (Pre-ICO) Завершено 12.11.2017 Финансы
FinTab FinTab
Система финансового учета криптовалюты. Помогает вести учет криптовалюты, анализировать текущее сост...
ZoZoCoin ZoZoCoin (Pre-ICO) Завершено 11.11.2017 Недвижимость
ZoZoCoin ZoZoCoin
American Decentralized Real Estates Flat form
STRIM Network STRIM Network (ICO) Завершено 10.11.2017 Производство
STRIM Network STRIM Network
The STRIM Network allows you to see the world through the lens of any IoT device.It is a decentraliz...
VALUS VALUS (ICO) Завершено 10.11.2017 Инфраструктура Всё инфо
VALUS allows trademarks to add items into a blockchain. With that they make items more secure, and a... Всё инфо
BitBoost BitBoost (ICO) Завершено 10.11.2017 Логистика Всё инфо
BitBoost BitBoost
We have developed The Block a decentralized marketplace for e-commerce, using smart contracts on Eth... Всё инфо
MillionBitcoincash MillionBitcoincash (ICO) Завершено 10.11.2017 Майнинг
MillionBitcoincash MillionBitcoincash
Million Bitcoin Cash brings sound money to the world. Merchants and users are empowered with low fee...
Heardbeats Heardbeats (Pre-ICO) Завершено 09.11.2017 Развлечения
Heardbeats Heardbeats
Heardbeats has come to eliminate the physical barriers that currently exist in the industry and brin...
Fiinu Fiinu (Pre-ICO) Завершено 09.11.2017 Финансы
Fiinu Fiinu
A fully licensed UK bank, bridging the gap between traditional banking and the blockchain-based
Slot Slot (ICO) Завершено 09.11.2017 Для взрослых
Slot Slot
Slot is a transformative game of chance, the first ever operated entirely on the blockchain ledger a...
The Agora The Agora (ICO) Завершено 08.11.2017 Финансы
The Agora The Agora
Based upon Ethereum for the logic and IPFS for the content, Agora is the first market thought in the...
WORDCOIN WORDCOIN (ICO) Завершено 07.11.2017 Для взрослых
Cryptocurrency secured by decentralised freelance platform of $1 000 000 000 000 market
GoMineWorld™ GoMineWorld™ (ICO) Завершено 07.11.2017 Забота о здоровье
GoMineWorld™ GoMineWorld™
The main purpose of GoMineWorld™ is that people will be able to earn a cryptocurrency by means of mo...
Ice Rock Mining Ice Rock Mining (ICO) Завершено 07.11.2017 Майнинг
Ice Rock Mining Ice Rock Mining
New ERA of Mining is coming with Ice Rock Mining 
it is a cryptocurrency mining operation ...
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HydroMiner approaches ICO conclusion with record-setting success

Green energy crypto mining start up HydroMiner continues to witness a high subscription to its ongoing H2O token sale, alread...
Подробнее 13.11.2017

Final Week of HydroMiner Token Sale

HydroMiner is entering the last week of their very successful Token Sale.They already raised over 7,600 Ether, and the good n...
Подробнее 09.11.2017

The Blockchain Era of Swiss Private Banking

In the near future, the Asset Management industry will go through disruptive changes and transformation, once bankers unlock ...
Подробнее 02.11.2017

ALLOY - Blockchain-based Global Rewards Network

Real world Rewards for Virtual Currencies - A blockchain-based Global Rewards Network
Подробнее 21.10.2017

Lucyd - децентрализованная AR революция

Есть еще одна причина, по которой у вас нет смарт-очков. Пока ещё существует множество препятствий на пути создания действите...
Подробнее 13.10.2017