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2local 2local (IEO) Ends on 11.03.2020
(27% Done)
Premium Finance Full info 10
2local 2local
2local is an innovative blockchain-powered platform that encourages sustainability and prosperity fo... Full info



Ternion Exchange Ternion Exchange Premium Estonia 6.9
Ternion Exchange Ternion Exchange
Ternion offers the best conditions for margin (50 USD for 1 BTC) and deliverable trading of ...
EBCExchange EBCExchange Canada 6.5
EBCExchange EBCExchange
EBCExchange is a proprietary professional exchange developed by Etherbanking team and is an importan...
Coinall Coinall $66,995,954
Malta 7.1
Coinall Coinall
Coinall, Open the Future Finance.
As the first community driven exchange in the world, we aim ...
Bitrue Bitrue $297,534,695
Singapore 7.6
Bitrue Bitrue
Bitrue exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in Singapore. Now we provide coin-to-coin & ...
LaToken LaToken $1,742,343,629
United States of America 5.2
LaToken LaToken
A simple, fast and secure way to exchange crypto and tokenize assets.


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PointPay PointPay (ICO) Ends on 22.07.2021
(28% Done)
Finance Full info 8.4
PointPay PointPay
PointPay is creating a fundamentally new product that combines three services in a single closed-loo... Full info
FRED Energy FRED Energy (IEO) Ends on 29.05.2020
(70% Done)
Energy Full info 7.9
FRED Energy FRED Energy
The FRED Project aims to promote and facilitate greater adoption and generation of alternative energ... Full info
Health Coin Net Health Coin Net (ICO) Ends on 20.08.2028
(14% Done)
Sports Full info 7.4
Health Coin Net Health Coin Net
Health Coin Net is a social network that unites people keeping a healthy lifestyle, who in exchange ... Full info
VMC VMC (ITO) Ends on 15.07.2020
(69% Done)
Infrastructure Full info 8.0
VMC is a blockchain based open mobility platform, developed to host various mobility service provide... Full info
The Multiven Open Marketplace The Multiven Open Marketplace (ICO) Ends on 01.05.2020
(79% Done)
Infrastructure Full info 7.0
The Multiven Open Marketplace The Multiven Open Marketplace
The world’s first blockchain-based marketplace for the global $4 Trillion IT products and services I... Full info
ARCIRIS ARCIRIS (ICO) Ends on 30.04.2020
(40% Done)
Mining 8.3
IT´S OUR MISSION TO PROTECT NATURE WITH NEW TECHNOLOGIES. Using wind, solar and hydrogen technology&...
BitValve BitValve (ICO) Ends on 31.08.2020
(60% Done)
Trading 8.9
BitValve BitValve
BitValve aims to develop the most advanced P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange in the market, a direct compe...
Cowrium Cowrium (Pre-ICO) Ends on 31.05.2020
(32% Done)
Finance 8.2
Cowrium Cowrium
Cowrium Platform aim to help SME adopt advance blockchain solutions to increase their business reach...
Venus Mine Venus Mine (Pre-ICO) Ends on 01.07.2020
(72% Done)
Mining 7.3
Venus Mine Venus Mine
VenusMINE project is a project for the development of the fastest ASIC chip architecture for Bitcoin...
Okschain Okschain (ICO) Ends on 20.02.2020
(97% Done)
Finance 9.6
Okschain Okschain
OKSCHAIN - is a decentralised financial system for a wide range of consumers, with different interes...
NeuronChain NeuronChain (IEO) Ends on 01.03.2020
(86% Done)
Finance 7.8
NeuronChain NeuronChain
NeuronChain is a lightning fast financial network with a vision to build tomorrow’s financial system...
BrandProtect BrandProtect (Pre-ICO) Ends on 23.02.2020
(98% Done)
Infrastructure 7.7
BrandProtect BrandProtect
Our brand company embodied technologies of blockchain and cryptoprotaction in a real sector of the e...
CoinIMP CoinIMP (ITO) Ends on 31.12.2020
(56% Done)
Internet 6.0
A Revolution in Web Monetization
Si14 Si14 (ICO) Ends on 01.07.2020
(8% Done)
Sports 8.1
Si14 Si14
The international P2P sports betting exchange that allows you to place bets from player to player.Un...
SpaceGold SpaceGold (ICO) Ends on 02.02.2024
(20% Done)
Artificial intelligence 7.2
SpaceGold SpaceGold
The value of SpaceGold is compelling for three reasons, (1) ownership of asteroids (2) with verified...
PLAAK PLAAK (Pre-ICO) Date is TBA Finance Full info 5.9
PLAAK is a project that began in an effort to find a solution for the perceived incompatibility of i... Full info
Cubebucks Cubebucks (Pre-ICO) Date is TBA Payments Full info 5.4
Cubebucks Cubebucks
Asset-backed crypto-currency Full info
Credible Token Credible Token (Pre-ICO) Date is TBA Internet Full info 5.4
Credible Token Credible Token
The device credibility ecosystem powered by the Ethereum blockchain Full info
BioCrypt BioCrypt (ICO) Date is TBA Internet Full info 5.6
BioCrypt BioCrypt
Introducing BioCrypt Technologies, Inc! We aim to reduce your wallet and key chain into one implanta... Full info
1worldblockchain 1worldblockchain (Pre-ICO) Date is TBA Payments Full info 5.3
1worldblockchain 1worldblockchain
1worldblockchain is a fintech blockchain solutions startup with offices in HK, London, NY and Shenzh... Full info
Toplancer Toplancer (Pre-ICO) Date is TBA Internet Full info 6.2
Toplancer Toplancer
Zero commission decentralized freelance platform built on blockchain connecting clients and freelanc... Full info
Mosaic Mosaic (Pre-ICO) Date is TBA Education Full info 6.7
Mosaic Mosaic
Mosaic helps solve the problem of the lack of knowledge about crypto market and crypto assets by pro... Full info
Jointly Jointly (ICO) Date is TBA Finance Full info 8.2
Jointly Jointly
The Joint platform, designed by JPcompany, allows people to invest in the ICO system using the group... Full info
Adsily Adsily (Pre-ICO) Date is TBA Internet Full info 4.8
Adsily Adsily
Adsily The Blockchain Ads Network Full info
CacaoShares CacaoShares (Pre-ICO) Date is TBA Industry Full info 7.3
CacaoShares CacaoShares
CcS Token uses the blockchain Technology to solve two major problems of the Cacao Beans Trade and Ex... Full info
BitNautic BitNautic (Pre-ICO) Date is TBA Logistics Full info 8.3
BitNautic BitNautic
BitNautic is a decentralized shipping and cargo platform based on blockchain technology. Aiming to p... Full info
AdSigma AdSigma (Pre-ICO) Date is TBA Internet Full info 7.3
AdSigma AdSigma
AdSigma is the next generation Digital Display Advertising platform that is carefully driving blockc... Full info
Squeezer Squeezer (ICO) Date is TBA Infrastructure Full info 8.6
Squeezer Squeezer
Squeezer is a platform that helps software developers build apps easily without tackling the entire ... Full info
TruePlay TruePlay (ICO) Date is TBA Gambling Full info 7.6
TruePlay TruePlay
TruePlay is a fully functioning platform created for the seamless integration of blockchain technolo... Full info
CRWD Network CRWD Network (Pre-ICO) Date is TBA Finance Full info 6.0
CRWD Network CRWD Network
The CRWD Network is a decentralized network protocol for issuing and managing tokenized equity offer... Full info
weeMarketplaceAccessToken weeMarketplaceAccessToken (IEO) Ended on 15.02.2020 Finance 6.4
weeMarketplaceAccessToken weeMarketplaceAccessToken
By adopting blockchain technology, the weeGroup is aiming to enhance its existing, fully operative ...
TravelVee TravelVee (Pre-ICO) Ended on 15.02.2020 Tourism 7.7
TravelVee TravelVee
Travelvee - oriented directly to the market for unoccupied rooms - which will be sold on exclusive t...
Travacart Travacart (IEO) Ended on 14.02.2020 Tourism 5.7
Travacart Travacart
TravaCart is an innovative platform that makes your booking (and travelling) experience fast, easy a...
Taxi FunSpaceLab Taxi FunSpaceLab (ICO) Ended on 10.02.2020 Finance 5.7
Taxi FunSpaceLab Taxi FunSpaceLab
Proof of concept for future FunSpaceLab projects. The current crowdsale campaign is carried out to i...
Flas Exchange Flas Exchange (ICO) Ended on 10.02.2020 Trading 5.0
Flas Exchange Flas Exchange
Flas Exchange is a comprehensive trading platform that offers various types of digital assets. As a ...
Bismillahcoin Bismillahcoin (ICO) Ended on 10.02.2020 Finance 4.0
Bismillahcoin Bismillahcoin
BisMillahCoin (BMC) is the world's first Sharia-compliant utility token, serving needs and providing...
SpeedKingtoken SpeedKingtoken (ICO) Ended on 07.02.2020 Finance 4.5
SpeedKingtoken SpeedKingtoken
SpeedKingToken is a non-self destructive token with the main use of buying and selling and also exch...
Xeron care Xeron care (ICO) Ended on 05.02.2020 Health Care 4.8
Xeron care Xeron care
Our aim to All public hospitals will have access to electronic medical records, as to make the glo...
CR Coin CR Coin (Pre-ICO) Ended on 03.02.2020 Finance 5.7
CR Coin CR Coin
CR Coin is Costa Rica's first cryptocurrency already accepted by local businesses, a project by Bloc...
Quantum 1Net Quantum 1Net (ICO) Ended on 01.02.2020 Infrastructure 4.3
Quantum 1Net Quantum 1Net
Decentralized Service Platform - Making the whole Web Decentralized
Bridge Bridge (ICO) Ended on 31.01.2020 Finance 7.9
Bridge Bridge
Stellar based blockchain technology, digital currency named Bridge. Lucrative platforms and ecosyste...
Quotas of Excenbit Quotas of Excenbit () Ended on 31.01.2020 Trading 5.3
Quotas of Excenbit Quotas of Excenbit
Excenbit quotas are waves platform tokens that can be bought or sold freely. All exchange profits ar...
SolarStake SolarStake (Pre-ITO) Ended on 31.01.2020 Energy 6.9
SolarStake SolarStake
Solarstake is an asset-backed token where each token represents 1 watt of installed and revenue gene...
Padoscoin Padoscoin (Pre-ICO) Ended on 31.01.2020 Internet 7.0
Padoscoin Padoscoin
Padoscoin is a crypto currency mining operation built and managed by a team of industry experts and ...
I-PRO TOKEN I-PRO TOKEN (ICO) Ended on 31.01.2020 Real Estate 5.9
Become a Pioneer in the Development of Blockchain Technology in the World's Best Global Property Eco...
Graphene Power Graphene Power (Pre-ICO) Ended on 10.01.2018 Scam Industry
Graphene Power Graphene Power
It is planned to set up the nano-material graphene manufacturing plant "GRAPHENE POWER" in Yecla, Sp...
ALLOY ALLOY (Pre-ICO) Ended on 05.11.2017 Scam Payments
Real World Rewards for Virtual Currencies to mobilize $360bn worth of Reward points that go unredeem... (ICO) Ended on 18.04.2018 Scam Adult
LUST - is a decentralized sex marketplace with a goal to enable all human beings on earth to find th...
Fleetcoin Fleetcoin (Pre-ICO) Ended on 13.02.2018 Scam Education
Fleetcoin Fleetcoin
Fleetcoin is a cryptocurrency built on its own blockchain technology, Ours is a decentralized digita...
COACoin COACoin (ICO) Ended on 14.02.2018 Scam Finance
Digital Cash with Hedging Options
Giza Device Giza Device (Pre-ICO) Ended on 08.02.2018 Scam Internet
Giza Device Giza Device
Hardware Wallet & Password Manager
Terraminer Terraminer (ICO) Ended on 31.03.2018 Scam Mining
Terraminer Terraminer
TerraMiner is an international mining project offering investors convenient and favourable terms on ...
A Digital Payments Platform with Cryptocurrency
Menuva Menuva (Pre-ICO) Date is TBA Scam Payments
Menuva Menuva
Menuva is a secure payment platform that adjusts the payments to customer needs.The use of smartcont...
BITRUST BITRUST (ICO) Ended on 31.05.2018 Scam Finance
BITRUST is a decentralized, easy to use, peer-2-peer cryptocurrency insurance platform based on Ethe...
Investment Platform of Nigeria Investment Platform of Nigeria (ICO) Ended on 31.05.2018 Scam Finance
Investment Platform of Nigeria Investment Platform of Nigeria
Nigeria investment platform is an Internet resource that enables investors to participate in the dev...
EGOLDTrade EGOLDTrade (ICO) Ended on 01.10.2018 Scam Finance
Stable cryptocurrency, backed by gold. Our own blockchain with PoS consensus algorithm. ATM for buyi...
Stein Coin Stein Coin (Pre-ICO) Date is TBA Scam Internet
Stein Coin Stein Coin
New Ecological Blockchain Generation
Digiters Token sale Digiters Token sale (Pre-ICO) Date is TBA Scam Manufacturing
Digiters Token sale Digiters Token sale
Digiters is the world first blockchain-based decentralized eco system which facilitates global manuf...
HTFx Coin HTFx Coin (ICO) Date is TBA Scam Finance
HTFx Coin HTFx Coin
The main and most significant goal of the project, which we set for ourselves - is to give every cli...
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