List of actual ICO and pre-ICO cryptocurrency projects based on blockchain or without it.

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InsCoin for Knox InsCoin for Knox (Pre-ICO) Ended on 08.07.2018 Premium Finance Full info 9.4
InsCoin for Knox InsCoin for Knox
InsCoin for Knox Project" aims to establish the first insurance company that will accept a Crypto (I... Full info
Aurora Ecosystem Aurora Ecosystem (Pre-ICO) Ended on 20.07.2018 Premium Infrastructure 8.5
Aurora Ecosystem Aurora Ecosystem
More than just a cryptocurrency: An ecosystem based on a first class blockchain. This system allows ...
Storeplex Storeplex (Pre-ICO) Ends on 23.07.2018
(92% Done)
Premium Payments 7.9
Storeplex Storeplex
Storeplex is creating a revolutionary e-commerce marketplace which allows both everyday users and me... (Pre-ICO) Ends on 24.07.2018
(89% Done)
Premium Trading Full info 9.1 is an International Digital Asset Platform, which aims to provide a complete Derivatives Eco... Full info
AVINOC AVINOC (Pre-ICO) Ends on 31.07.2018
(38% Done)
Premium Logistics Full info 9.2
The Blockchain Solution disrupting the global General Aviation Business. AVINOC is a consistent, int... Full info
Crystal Token Crystal Token (ICO) Ends on 31.07.2018
(93% Done)
Premium Trading 7.3
Crystal Token Crystal Token
Crystal Token is a cryptocurrency token innovating the field of smart investments with the novel con...
Ubex Ubex (ICO) Ends on 13.08.2018
(72% Done)
Premium Artificial intelligence Full info 9.8
Ubex Ubex
Artificial Intelligence in Advertising. Ubex is a global decentralized advertising exchange, operati... Full info
RAD Lending Inc. RAD Lending Inc. (Pre-ICO) Ends on 15.08.2018
(72% Done)
Premium Finance Full info 7.7
RAD Lending Inc. RAD Lending Inc.
A US-based SEC compliant company, RAD's Security Token Offering is to build the foundation for bring... Full info
Tip Blockchain Tip Blockchain (Pre-ICO) Ends on 17.08.2018
(24% Done)
Premium Infrastructure Full info 9.1
Tip Blockchain Tip Blockchain
Tip is a Third Generation Blockchain that connects users over peer to peer networks, and merchants w... Full info
YellowBetter YellowBetter (Pre-ICO) Ends on 31.08.2018
(45% Done)
Premium Education Full info 9.2
YellowBetter YellowBetter
Yellow Better will be a social portal that gives you the opportunity to get closer to the living cul... Full info
Miner Edge Miner Edge (Pre-ICO) Ends on 11.11.2018
(0% Done)
Premium Mining Full info 8.4
Miner Edge Miner Edge
Miner Edge is a strategized, diversified and crowdfunded mining facility. We are building world'... Full info



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JCN Token JCN Token (Pre-ICO) Ends on 15.11.2018
(9% Done)
Adult Full info 7.9
JCN Token JCN Token
JCN is a multi-purpose 18+ utility token (JCNXXX) for ecosystems of digital online adult entertainme... Full info
HyperionX HyperionX (Pre-ICO) Ends on 30.09.2018
(22% Done)
Trading Full info 6.8
HyperionX HyperionX
Hyperion is a community driven space, where an organic self sufficient ecosystem is created. It incl... Full info
CryptoLink Network CryptoLink Network (Pre-ICO) Ends on 03.08.2018
(39% Done)
Finance Full info 6.0
CryptoLink Network CryptoLink Network
A Fully Decentralized Oracle Network. The Crypto LINK Network provides smart contracts with data, ba... Full info
Dream Real Dream Real (Pre-ICO) Ends on 31.08.2018
(23% Done)
Social Network Full info 7.5
Dream Real Dream Real
Dream Real is a global social network based on blockchain technology, where users can share their dr... Full info
Hedger Hedger (ICO) Ends on 31.08.2018
(32% Done)
Artificial intelligence Full info 5.0
Hedger Hedger
Hedger coin (HDR) is a cryptocurrency hedge instrument which allows investors to safeguard their cry... Full info
Bitminer Factory Bitminer Factory (ICO) Ends on 30.09.2018
(1% Done)
Mining Full info 7.2
Bitminer Factory Bitminer Factory
Blockchain made sustainable. Bitminer is a startup from Angeli’s Group, constructors and energy prod... Full info
TeraWATT TeraWATT (Pre-ICO) Ends on 28.10.2018
(23% Done)
Energy Full info 8.6
Terawatt is a renewable energy blockchain startup, driving global L.E.D. adoption by creating a DAO ... Full info
InfraCoins InfraCoins (Pre-ICO) Ends on 31.10.2018
(6% Done)
Real Estate Full info 7.2
InfraCoins InfraCoins
InfraCoins is a decentralized property listing ecosystem that will use blockchain technology to make... Full info
Horyou Horyou (ICO) Ends on 18.08.2018
(54% Done)
Charity Full info 7.4
Horyou Horyou
Horyou, is a unique platform for social good, allowing to share ideas, be inspired and help each oth... Full info
TimeBox TimeBox (ICO) Ends on 15.08.2018
(84% Done)
Social Network Full info 6.8
TimeBox TimeBox
Decentralized custody service of digital assets. Full info
Scienceroot Scienceroot (ICO) Ends on 15.08.2018
(21% Done)
Education Full info 9.0
Scienceroot Scienceroot
Scienceroot aims to improve the scientific and research community using blockchain technology. The g... Full info
Bayan Token Bayan Token (ICO) Ends on 27.07.2018
(80% Done)
Finance Full info 8.5
Bayan Token Bayan Token
Bayan Token is structured as a Utility Token where it is being packaged creatively with multiple val... Full info
WEBN WEBN (Pre-ICO) Ends on 15.08.2018
(20% Done)
Internet Full info 5.7
The first integrated web development and cryptocurrency Full info
GoldBox GoldBox (ICO) Ends on 31.07.2018
(67% Done)
Finance Full info 6.5
GoldBox GoldBox
Global digital assets management expert Full info
GOODWORK GOODWORK (Pre-ICO) Ends on 15.09.2018
(39% Done)
Real Estate Full info 7.0
GOODWORK is an ecosystem fоr remote teams. It includes a network of coworking spaces, task managemen... Full info
Vanywhere Vanywhere (Pre-ICO) Starts on 23.07.2018 Communications Full info 8.0
Vanywhere Vanywhere
Founded in 2015, Vanywhere’s platform is operational and has been used and tested by real users. The... Full info
The Digital Reserve The Digital Reserve (Pre-ICO) Starts on 23.07.2018 Finance Full info 7.3
The Digital Reserve The Digital Reserve
With $2 Trillion dollars in unmet financing need and the growing power of elective economies, the Di... Full info
InBet Crypto Bookmaker InBet Crypto Bookmaker (Pre-ICO) Starts on 25.07.2018 Gambling Full info 6.2
InBet Crypto Bookmaker InBet Crypto Bookmaker
We create an honest betting service, where the bookmaker will be an intermediary between players, an... Full info
AENCO AENCO (Pre-ICO) Starts on 27.07.2018 Health Care Full info 7.6
The World's First Blockchain-Based Healthcare Financial Solutions; HealthTech, Smart Capital, and Pr... Full info
Triffic Triffic (ICO) Starts on 30.07.2018 Entertainment Full info 8.4
Triffic Triffic
Triffic is a gamified GPS app that awards you with cryptocurrency just for living your day-to-day li... Full info
NordCoin Mining NordCoin Mining (ICO) Starts on 30.07.2018 Mining Full info 7.2
NordCoin Mining NordCoin Mining
Your gateway to crypto-mining. NordCoin is the trusted and safe mobile cryptocurrency mining operati... Full info
CoTrader CoTrader (ICO) Starts on 30.07.2018 Finance Full info 6.8
CoTrader CoTrader
Disrupting the $85 trillion opaque global investment funds industry with a transparent blockchain ma... Full info
Phoneum Phoneum (ICO) Starts on 30.07.2018 Mining Full info 9.8
Phoneum Phoneum
Phoneum is a decentralized cryptocurrency, that operates on mobile devices via app only, empowered b... Full info
WONO WONO (ICO) Starts on 30.07.2018 Tourism Full info 8.1
WONO combines functions of Airbnb, Turo and Upwork on blockchain, solving major P2P problems: high c... Full info
EyeGlob.Net EyeGlob.Net (Pre-ICO) Starts on 31.07.2018 Health Care Full info 9.2
EyeGlob.Net EyeGlob.Net
As a response to rapidly emerging eye health problem EyeGlob.Net will provide a mix of social and pr... Full info
Emanate Emanate (ICO) Starts on 31.07.2018 Entertainment Full info 7.6
Emanate Emanate
The Emanate Audio Exchange Protocol is a decentralised technology network built on top on EOS platfo... Full info
TraXion TraXion (Pre-ICO) Starts on 01.08.2018 Finance Full info 7.6
TraXion TraXion
TraXion provides fair financial access for all -- most especially the unbanked and underbanked -- by... Full info
NWS ONE NWS ONE (Pre-ICO) Starts on 01.08.2018 Internet Full info 6.3
Presented in the form of timelines, NWS One service will show information in an easy and understanda... Full info
Unboxed Unboxed (Pre-ICO) Starts on 01.08.2018 Internet Full info 7.9
Unboxed Unboxed
Unboxed is a fully functioning technology utilized by over 100+ brands globally (spanning the US, Ca... Full info
BuratinoBS BuratinoBS (Pre-ICO) Starts on 01.08.2018 Manufacturing Full info 9.2
BuratinoBS BuratinoBS
Multi-miner Papa Carlo with the high productivity and energy efficient 7nm node chip is manufactured... Full info
EIPlatform EIPlatform (Pre-ICO) Ended on 21.07.2018 Artificial intelligence Full info 8.1
EIPlatform EIPlatform
The EIPlatform is developing a platform to enable direct interaction between brands and people in th... Full info
AMO Coin AMO Coin (ICO) Ended on 21.07.2018 Infrastructure Full info 7.4
AMO Coin AMO Coin
AMO is blockchain project to create and operate the AMO Market, a market where car data can be share... Full info
RenCap RenCap (Pre-ICO) Ended on 20.07.2018 Payments Full info 5.3
RenCap RenCap
RenCap Is Supported By A Network Of Businesses Ready To Take On The Currency As Their B2B Payment So... Full info
Block Broker Block Broker (ICO) Ended on 20.07.2018 Finance Full info 7.6
Block Broker Block Broker
Block Broker is a ground breaking new ICO broker platform set to offer investors better than market ... Full info
Luckchemy Luckchemy (ICO) Ended on 20.07.2018 Gambling Full info 9.0
Luckchemy Luckchemy
Luckchemy is a scalable and provably fair online gambling platform driven by a unique combination of... Full info
TYDO TYDO (ICO) Ended on 20.07.2018 Trading 4.4
TYDO - Multifunctional Cryptocurrency Trading Platform
SUPERIUM SUPERIUM (ICO) Ended on 20.07.2018 Entertainment 6.2
SUPERIUM is a digital coin that allows you to earn tokens playing and winning videogames. All you ha...
Pool of Stake Pool of Stake (ICO) Ended on 20.07.2018 Finance 5.0
Pool of Stake Pool of Stake
Pool of Stake is creating a safe pool for Proof of Stake coins, the future of blockchain. Qtum, Stra...
Ponics Technologies Ponics Technologies (ICO) Ended on 20.07.2018 Manufacturing Full info 9.0
Ponics Technologies Ponics Technologies
We’re developing the industrial aeroponic technologies of plants cultivation. We are planning to cha... Full info
Abot Coin Abot Coin (ICO) Ended on 20.07.2018 Finance 4.8
Abot Coin Abot Coin
AbotCoin is a digital asset and a payment system commonly called as decentralized digital currency. ...
TICKO TICKO (Pre-ICO) Ended on 20.07.2018 Tourism 6.3
First Airline and Ticketing system based on blockchain.
DISCIPLINA DISCIPLINA (ICO) Ended on 19.07.2018 Education Full info 8.2
DISCIPLINA - The first blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and profess... Full info
0xcert 0xcert (ICO) Ended on 18.07.2018 Computing Full info 8.9
0xcert 0xcert
Create, own, and validate unique assets on the blockchain with 0xcert - the first open protocol buil... Full info
FTEC FTEC (Pre-ICO) Ended on 18.07.2018 Finance Full info 9.6
FTEC is an ecosystem of intelligent services and neural networks for conducting effective trading ac... Full info
Pigzbe Pigzbe (ICO) Ended on 18.07.2018 Education 5.1
Pigzbe Pigzbe
The tangible piggy-wallet for children age 6 and up powered by Wollo, a family-friendly cryptocurren...
Graphene Power Graphene Power (Pre-ICO) Ended on 10.01.2018 Scam Industry
Graphene Power Graphene Power
It is planned to set up the nano-material graphene manufacturing plant "GRAPHENE POWER" in Yecla, Sp...
ALLOY ALLOY (Pre-ICO) Ended on 05.11.2017 Scam Payments
Real World Rewards for Virtual Currencies to mobilize $360bn worth of Reward points that go unredeem... (ICO) Ended on 18.04.2018 Scam Adult
LUST - is a decentralized sex marketplace with a goal to enable all human beings on earth to find th...
Fleetcoin Fleetcoin (Pre-ICO) Ended on 13.02.2018 Scam Education
Fleetcoin Fleetcoin
Fleetcoin is a cryptocurrency built on its own blockchain technology, Ours is a decentralized digita...
COACoin COACoin (ICO) Ended on 14.02.2018 Scam Finance
Digital Cash with Hedging Options
Giza Device Giza Device (Pre-ICO) Ended on 08.02.2018 Scam Internet
Giza Device Giza Device
Hardware Wallet & Password Manager
Terraminer Terraminer (ICO) Ended on 31.03.2018 Scam Mining
Terraminer Terraminer
TerraMiner is an international mining project offering investors convenient and favourable terms on ...
A Digital Payments Platform with Cryptocurrency
Menuva Menuva (Pre-ICO) Date is TBA Scam Payments
Menuva Menuva
Menuva is a secure payment platform that adjusts the payments to customer needs.The use of smartcont...
BITRUST BITRUST (ICO) Ended on 31.05.2018 Scam Finance
BITRUST is a decentralized, easy to use, peer-2-peer cryptocurrency insurance platform based on Ethe...
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