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AVINOC AVINOC (Pre-ICO) Ended on 31.07.2018 Premium Logistics Full info 9.2
The Blockchain Solution disrupting the global General Aviation Business. AVINOC is a consistent, int... Full info
Tip Blockchain Tip Blockchain (Pre-ICO) Ended on 17.08.2018 Premium Infrastructure Full info 9.1
Tip Blockchain Tip Blockchain
Tip is a Third Generation Blockchain that connects users over peer to peer networks, and merchants w... Full info
Ubex Ubex (ICO) Ends on 30.09.2018
(67% Done)
Premium Artificial intelligence Full info 9.8
Ubex Ubex
Artificial Intelligence in Advertising. Ubex is a global decentralized advertising exchange, operati... Full info
PayPerBlock PayPerBlock (ICO) Ends on 30.09.2018
(0% Done)
Premium Communications 8.5
PayPerBlock PayPerBlock
PAYPERBLOCK is a blockchain-based freelancer platform, which is owned and operated by Payperblock Lt...
GNY GNY (ICO) Ends on 01.11.2018
(0% Done)
Premium Artificial intelligence Full info 8.4
GNY is a dedicated blockchain that can host sidechains, offering a powerful set of tools to launch &... Full info
Miner Edge Miner Edge (Pre-ICO) Ends on 11.11.2018
(16% Done)
Premium Mining Full info 8.4
Miner Edge Miner Edge
Miner Edge is a strategized, diversified and crowdfunded mining facility. We are building world'... Full info
Hodler Mining Hodler Mining (ICO) Ends on 31.12.2019
(11% Done)
Premium Mining Full info 8.4
Hodler Mining Hodler Mining
A Unique Crowdfunded Mining Expedition. Hodler Mining is a crowd-funded cryptocurrency mining operat... Full info



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IXTUS IXTUS (ICO) Ends on 02.09.2018
(68% Done)
Education Full info 6.7
Our product, Little Detective, an interactive edutainment platform, which takes current multimedia e... Full info
Your Data Safe Your Data Safe (ICO) Ends on 31.10.2018
(18% Done)
Governance Full info 7.5
Your Data Safe Your Data Safe
Personal data is being traded daily, often without your consent. The EU Commission predict the value... Full info
CraftR CraftR (ICO) Ends on 31.08.2018
(72% Done)
Art Full info 8.8
CraftR CraftR
CraftR project is born to bring the e-commerce to the next level. Our target is to build a decentral... Full info
Venus Mine Venus Mine (Pre-ICO) Ends on 01.07.2020
(6% Done)
Mining Full info 6.2
Venus Mine Venus Mine
The VenusMINE Project is a project that develops high-performance ASIC chips for SHA256 hashing and ... Full info
UBECOIN UBECOIN (ICO) Ends on 01.11.2018
(49% Done)
Entertainment Full info 7.1
A Cryptocurrency designed for business and entertainment Full info
DeStream DeStream (ICO) Ends on 30.09.2018
(44% Done)
Gaming Full info 9.3
DeStream DeStream
Celes Chain Celes Chain (Pre-ICO) Ends on 30.09.2018
(34% Done)
Finance Full info 7.1
Celes Chain Celes Chain
Celes is an innovative public chain driven by financial services/applications and providing access f... Full info
hedpay hedpay (ICO) Ends on 30.11.2018
(39% Done)
Payments Full info 7.6
hedpay hedpay
HEdpAY was created to be the first and most authoritative financial structure to allow users to tran... Full info
Kheper Kheper (ICO) Ends on 20.09.2018
(43% Done)
Gambling Full info 8.9
Kheper Kheper
The Kheper project is about developing online gaming platforms and land-based gaming equipment that ... Full info
Ronaldinho Soccer Coin Ronaldinho Soccer Coin (ICO) Ends on 17.10.2018
(3% Done)
Sports Full info 6.9
Ronaldinho Soccer Coin Ronaldinho Soccer Coin
As Ronaldinho states out to make ''a world full of dreams, hope and smile", we will be creating a ke... Full info
Quantocoin Quantocoin (ICO) Ends on 30.04.2019
(15% Done)
Finance Full info 5.9
Quantocoin Quantocoin
QTC bank with QTC banking platform as the final stage of QTC project will bring the solution by prov... Full info
LEONARDO LEONARDO (Pre-ICO) Ends on 08.10.2018
(15% Done)
Computing Full info 8.3
Leonardo is the fastest, simplest, and most affordable cloud supercompute solution for the graphical... Full info
CEREAL CEREAL (Pre-ICO) Ends on 06.09.2018
(37% Done)
Finance Full info 7.3
The Cereal ecosystem allows cryptoasset investors to use their cryptoassets as collateral to access ... Full info
JCN Token JCN Token (Pre-ICO) Ends on 15.11.2018
(30% Done)
Adult Full info 7.9
JCN Token JCN Token
JCN is a multi-purpose 18+ utility token (JCNXXX) for ecosystems of digital online adult entertainme... Full info
X Infinity X Infinity (ICO) Ends on 31.08.2018
(41% Done)
Finance Full info 7.1
X Infinity X Infinity
X Infinity, a Singapore based Fintech Company, is creating a unified cryptocurrency wallet that allo... Full info
Medipedia Medipedia (Pre-ICO) Starts on 20.08.2018 Health Care Full info 9.2
Medipedia Medipedia
Medipedia is a medical service and medical tourism ecosystem platform that uses blockchain technolog... Full info
Academic Coin Academic Coin (Pre-ICO) Starts on 20.08.2018 Education Full info 6.3
Academic Coin Academic Coin
A blockchain solution based on a meritocratic system that allow item writers, validators, examiners ... Full info
AGATE AGATE (ICO) Starts on 21.08.2018 Finance Full info 8.7
Agate is the world's most comprehensive decentralized blockchain platform for instant payment withou... Full info
VogoV VogoV (Pre-ICO) Starts on 21.08.2018 Adult Full info 7.1
VogoV VogoV
Decentralized Interactive Porn Studio & Adult-Industry Crypto Infrastructure Full info
Papusha | Rocket Technology Papusha | Rocket Technology (ICO) Starts on 22.08.2018 Manufacturing Full info
Papusha | Rocket Technology Papusha | Rocket Technology
The world’s first rocket and space technology to produce fuel by using fuel oil residues from refine... Full info
Me Token Me Token (ICO) Starts on 23.08.2018 Social Network Full info 7.5
Me Token Me Token
A New Utility Token for Social Commerce Full info
IGT-CRYPTO IGT-CRYPTO (ICO) Starts on 23.08.2018 Trading Full info
IGT-CRYPTO is an already working exchange. At the moment, IGT-CRYPTO works with the main fiat curre... Full info
Republia Republia (Pre-ICO) Starts on 23.08.2018 Governance Full info 8.0
Republia Republia
Republia is a decentralized ecosystem, which within one project combines blockchain technology servi... Full info
Sudan Gold Coin Sudan Gold Coin (ICO) Starts on 24.08.2018 Industry Full info 7.4
Sudan Gold Coin Sudan Gold Coin
Unique combination of real gold mining business with blockchain technologies and fair distribution o... Full info
VegaWallet VegaWallet (ICO) Starts on 27.08.2018 Finance Full info 9.1
VegaWallet VegaWallet
VegaWallet's advanced exchange and digital asset wallet launch before our ICO with several fiat trad... Full info
NOIZ NOIZ (ICO) Starts on 28.08.2018 Communications Full info 7.9
NOIZ is an AI+blockchain ad exchange network providing transparent data to all parties, ensuring opt... Full info
Woolf Woolf (ICO) Starts on 30.08.2018 Education Full info 7.8
Woolf Woolf
Woolf will be the first fully accredited, borderless, blockchain-powered university. Woolf will use ... Full info
TrustBar TrustBar (Pre-ICO) Starts on 31.08.2018 Trading Full info 5.9
TrustBar TrustBar
Creating a decentralized exchange of the future Full info
Shipit Shipit (Pre-ICO) Starts on 01.09.2018 Logistics Full info 8.6
Shipit Shipit
Shipit — NextGen Crowd Express Delivery Platform. Shipit — is a community of senders and travelers u... Full info
BetOnChart BetOnChart (Pre-ICO) Starts on 01.09.2018 Gambling Full info 7.7
BetOnChart BetOnChart
In-play sports betting gamification Full info
KIRIK Protocol KIRIK Protocol (Pre-ICO) Ended on 17.08.2018 Infrastructure Full info 8.2
KIRIK Protocol KIRIK Protocol
KIRIK is the world’s first crypto protocol for merging existing blockchains and building semantic sm... Full info
Paygine Paygine (ICO) Ended on 17.08.2018 Finance 6.0
Paygine Paygine
Open financial platform designed to operate within its own proprietary banking structure and designe...
DICEGAME DICEGAME (Pre-ICO) Ended on 16.08.2018 Gambling Full info 9.3
The DICEGAME platform builds a fair and transparent ground for P2P games. We retrieve user’s trust b... Full info
MyCryptoBank MyCryptoBank (Pre-ICO) Ended on 16.08.2018 Finance Full info 9.4
MyCryptoBank MyCryptoBank
MyCryptoBank — is an online bank. 1.We have developed our own crypto ATM. ( Full info
AllSpark AllSpark (Pre-ICO) Ended on 15.08.2018 Social Network 6.2
AllSpark AllSpark
A complete blockchain ecology linking all components in the production relationship between advertis...
Talenthon Talenthon (Pre-ICO) Ended on 15.08.2018 Internet Full info 7.9
Talenthon Talenthon
Talenthon is a UK based recruitment platform which aim is to disrupt $450bn recruitment industry usi... Full info
Vita Vita (Pre-ICO) Ended on 15.08.2018 Health Care 6.3
Vita Vita
Vita is a digital asset (ERC20 Token), which will be issued to users of health systems, as a reward ...
RAD Lending Inc. RAD Lending Inc. (Pre-ICO) Ended on 15.08.2018 Finance Full info 7.7
RAD Lending Inc. RAD Lending Inc.
A US-based SEC compliant company, RAD's Security Token Offering is to build the foundation for bring... Full info
IViN IViN (Pre-ICO) Ended on 15.08.2018 Social Network 4.4
Social network with virtual reality function.
Blockvest Blockvest (Pre-ICO) Ended on 15.08.2018 Finance Full info 7.3
Blockvest Blockvest
Blockvest (BLV) is an ERC20 token based upon the Ethereum blockchain.  Further, Blockvest ... Full info
BELDEX BELDEX (ICO) Ended on 15.08.2018 Payments 4.8
BELDEX - The Pioneering Private Coin powering an entire Blockchain Venture Ecosystem. BELDEX, a priv...
Birake Birake (ICO) Ended on 15.08.2018 Trading Full info 8.1
Birake Birake - White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange project. We plan to build the biggest exchange netw... Full info
Whyral Whyral (Pre-ICO) Ended on 15.08.2018 Internet Full info 7.3
Whyral Whyral
Whyral is an AI based decentralized influencer marketing and evaluation platform powered with blockc... Full info
Hybrid Betting Hybrid Betting (ICO) Ended on 15.08.2018 Gambling Full info 8.4
Hybrid Betting Hybrid Betting
We base our offer on a proprietary game that’s completely new, forget odd and traditional betting, H... Full info
Bitto Exchange Bitto Exchange (ICO) Ended on 15.08.2018 Trading Full info 8.2
Bitto Exchange Bitto Exchange
Liquidity has always been an issue for exchanges, but with Bitto, this will be solved with having 6 ... Full info
Graphene Power Graphene Power (Pre-ICO) Ended on 10.01.2018 Scam Industry
Graphene Power Graphene Power
It is planned to set up the nano-material graphene manufacturing plant "GRAPHENE POWER" in Yecla, Sp...
ALLOY ALLOY (Pre-ICO) Ended on 05.11.2017 Scam Payments
Real World Rewards for Virtual Currencies to mobilize $360bn worth of Reward points that go unredeem... (ICO) Ended on 18.04.2018 Scam Adult
LUST - is a decentralized sex marketplace with a goal to enable all human beings on earth to find th...
Fleetcoin Fleetcoin (Pre-ICO) Ended on 13.02.2018 Scam Education
Fleetcoin Fleetcoin
Fleetcoin is a cryptocurrency built on its own blockchain technology, Ours is a decentralized digita...
COACoin COACoin (ICO) Ended on 14.02.2018 Scam Finance
Digital Cash with Hedging Options
Giza Device Giza Device (Pre-ICO) Ended on 08.02.2018 Scam Internet
Giza Device Giza Device
Hardware Wallet & Password Manager
Terraminer Terraminer (ICO) Ended on 31.03.2018 Scam Mining
Terraminer Terraminer
TerraMiner is an international mining project offering investors convenient and favourable terms on ...
A Digital Payments Platform with Cryptocurrency
Menuva Menuva (Pre-ICO) Date is TBA Scam Payments
Menuva Menuva
Menuva is a secure payment platform that adjusts the payments to customer needs.The use of smartcont...
BITRUST BITRUST (ICO) Ended on 31.05.2018 Scam Finance
BITRUST is a decentralized, easy to use, peer-2-peer cryptocurrency insurance platform based on Ethe...
Investment Platform of Nigeria Investment Platform of Nigeria (ICO) Ended on 31.05.2018 Scam Finance
Investment Platform of Nigeria Investment Platform of Nigeria
Nigeria investment platform is an Internet resource that enables investors to participate in the dev...
EGOLDTrade EGOLDTrade (ICO) Ended on 01.10.2018 Scam Finance
Stable cryptocurrency, backed by gold. Our own blockchain with PoS consensus algorithm. ATM for buyi...
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