List of actual ICO and pre-ICO cryptocurrency projects based on blockchain or without it.

Only trusted and relevant projects.

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BitDegree BitDegree (ICO) Ends on 31.12.2017
(38% Done)
Premium Computing
BitDegree BitDegree
The world's most massive blockchain-powered online education platform with token scholarships & ...
Gladius Gladius (Pre-ICO) Ends on 30.12.2017
(49% Done)
Premium Computing
Gladius Gladius
Gladius is a platform that allows users to rent out their spare bandwidth to fight DDoS attacks and ...
Cryptoibet Cryptoibet (ICO) Ends on 15.01.2018
(25% Done)
Premium Gambling
Cryptoibet Cryptoibet
CryptoIBet is the next generation platform for online gaming experience.
Crypto IBet has comple...
Cointed Cointed (ICO) Ends on 28.02.2018
(40% Done)
Premium Finance
Cointed Cointed
Even though cryptocurrencies have brought a whole new dimension in creating value, consumers regular...
VONE VONE (ICO) Ends on 31.12.2017
(39% Done)
Premium Finance
The new lending system that comes with a free cold storage device to store your VONE coins as well a...
Debitum Network Debitum Network (ICO) Ends on 21.12.2017
(36% Done)
Premium Finance
Debitum Network Debitum Network
Borderless SME business funding. Leveraging Blockchain technology to secure and distribute fiat inve...
BetOpen BetOpen (ICO) Ends on 31.01.2018
(55% Done)
Premium Gambling
BetOpen BetOpen
Advanced sports betting platform with huge amount of outstanding features.
Within 2 month sinc...
SwissBorg SwissBorg (ICO) Ends on 24.12.2017
(29% Done)
Premium Finance
SwissBorg SwissBorg
Local World Forwarders Local World Forwarders (Pre-ICO) Ends on 15.12.2017
(92% Done)
Premium Logistics
Local World Forwarders Local World Forwarders
First decentralized Platform in the World. Revolutionizing the Logistics concept. First Platform tha...
Homni Homni (ICO) Ends on 26.12.2017
(55% Done)
Internet Full info
Homni Homni
Decentralized secure communication with the possibility to remain anonymous, commercialize personal ... Full info
Synthium Health Synthium Health (ICO) Ends on 15.01.2018
(30% Done)
Health Care Full info
Synthium Health Synthium Health
The world's first and only Blockchain enabled healthcare supply chain ecommerce marketplace platform... Full info
RefToken RefToken (ICO) Ends on 17.12.2017
(82% Done)
Industry Full info
RefToken RefToken
Some of the worlds greatest minds are building the apps of the future based on blockchains, RefToken... Full info
FintechFans FintechFans (ICO) Ends on 28.02.2018
(14% Done)
Finance Full info
FintechFans FintechFans
FintechFans is a completely novel, decentralized application. As it consists, at its core, as a set ... Full info
RoboAdvisorCoin RoboAdvisorCoin (ICO) Ends on 24.12.2017
(60% Done)
Finance Full info
RoboAdvisorCoin RoboAdvisorCoin
Robo Advisor Coin project is very easy to communicate: AI, plus cryptocurrency, plus blockchain. Sin... Full info
Investy Investy (ICO) Ends on 23.12.2017
(61% Done)
Finance Full info
Investy Investy
Investy - The Crypto Matchmakers, Matching Crypto Investors and Traders, Maximizing Income, Minimizi... Full info
METTA - Uberization platform for offline services METTA - Uberization platform for offline services (Pre-ICO) Ends on 20.12.2017
(75% Done)
Finance Full info
METTA - Uberization platform for offline services METTA - Uberization platform for offline services
«Uberization» platform for offline services with system of true reviews, built-in messenger and in-h... Full info
Block Bank Block Bank (Pre-ICO) Ends on 12.10.2018
(6% Done)
Finance Full info
Block Bank Block Bank
Block Bank is a digital decentralized commercial
banking entity. Block Bank will provide low c...
Full info
Algory Project Algory Project (ICO) Ends on 08.01.2018
(13% Done)
Finance Full info
Algory Project Algory Project
Algory Project is a set of powerful and multifunctional tools focused on cryptocurrency market. Desi... Full info
CoinStarter CoinStarter (Pre-ICO) Ends on 26.12.2017
(33% Done)
Infrastructure Full info
CoinStarter CoinStarter
CoinStarter is a first of its kind blockchain platform where users can launch a crowdfunding or coin... Full info
Luven Diagnostic Luven Diagnostic (Pre-ICO) Ends on 28.02.2018
(0% Done)
Health Care Full info
Luven Diagnostic Luven Diagnostic
Unique cancer diagnostic technology designed to save millions of lives. The Luven technology allows ... Full info
SocialMedia.Market SocialMedia.Market (ICO) Ends on 14.12.2017
(73% Done)
Social Network Full info
SocialMedia.Market SocialMedia.Market
SocialMedia.Market - is the first decentralised ecosystem to discover, create, run and analyze adver... Full info
Elpis Investments Elpis Investments (Pre-ICO) Ends on 31.03.2018
(27% Done)
Finance Full info
Elpis Investments Elpis Investments
Elpis will be the first crypto-asset investment fund totally driven by Artificial Intelligence. We h... Full info
ODMCoin ODMCoin (ICO) Ends on 31.12.2017
(36% Done)
Finance Full info
The project to implement the world's first investment financial blockchain product in the oil an... Full info
Potentiam Potentiam (Pre-ICO) Ends on 26.12.2017
(36% Done)
Social Network Full info
Potentiam Potentiam
A decentralised and incentivised collaborative music social network. Full info
CanYa CanYa (ICO) Ends on 26.12.2017
(54% Done)
Infrastructure Full info
CanYa CanYa
"CanYa is a peer to peer market of skilled services - where users are instantly connected to s... Full info
LENDOIT LENDOIT (ICO) Starts on 13.12.2017 Premium Finance
Lendoit is decentralized P2P lending marketplace platform based on Ethereum, which connects borrower...
WeAre ecosystem WeAre ecosystem (Pre-ICO) Starts on 15.12.2017 Infrastructure Full info
WeAre ecosystem WeAre ecosystem
The ultimate full stack  ecosystem for launching and implementing blockchain businesses. Full info
FarmaTrust FarmaTrust (Pre-ICO) Starts on 15.12.2017 Health Care Full info
FarmaTrust FarmaTrust
FarmaTrust, a software solution based on a public blockchain to secure the supply chain within the P... Full info
AdMine AdMine (Pre-ICO) Starts on 18.12.2017 Social Network Full info
AdMine AdMine
AdMine - the world's first social network of brands.
Built on Blockchain technology, fully...
Full info
PM7 PM7 (ICO) Starts on 17.12.2017 Infrastructure Full info
PM7 – is decentralized innovative affiliate marketing platform, designed to radically change the adv... Full info
SureRemit SureRemit (ICO) Starts on 10.01.2018 Payments Full info
SureRemit SureRemit
SureRemit is an Ecosystem for Global Non-Cash Remittances. The platform connects senders directly to... Full info
CryptoBnB CryptoBnB (ICO) Starts on 15.01.2018 Real Estate Full info
CryptoBnB CryptoBnB
The first disrupting home rental platform powered by blockchain, AI, big data with utility tokens an... Full info
Waltix Waltix (Pre-ICO) Starts on 12.03.2018 Payments Full info
Waltix Waltix
Waltix easily integrates with any payment and ticketing systems and provides users with an access to... Full info
Live Stars Live Stars (ICO) Starts on 15.01.2018 Adult Full info
Live Stars Live Stars
Live Stars is the world's first webcam platform in the online adult entertainment industry that ... Full info
eGold eGold (ICO) Starts on 18.12.2017 Finance Full info
eGold eGold
eGold is a new digital currency based on the Ethereum blockchain. eGold aims to unify eSports bettin... Full info
BlockArray BlockArray (ICO) Starts on 16.12.2017 Logistics Full info
BlockArray BlockArray
GS1 Compliant Barcodes anchored to the blockchain and logistics solutions - Private Pre-Sale Ongoing... Full info
StopTheFakes StopTheFakes (Pre-ICO) Starts on 21.01.2018 Legal Full info
StopTheFakes StopTheFakes
Anti-Counterfeit & Copyright Infringement Blockchain Service. We've created a user-friendly an... Full info
Crassula Crassula (ICO) Date is TBA Finance Full info
Crassula Crassula
Crassula decentralizes payment processing, liquidity, clearinghouse custodianship to help resolve pa... Full info
qaazqaaz qaazqaaz (ICO) Date is TBA Social Network
qaazqaaz qaazqaaz
P2P "AdWords" for native advertising through opinion leaders pre-ICO
Hybrid Betting Hybrid Betting (ICO) Starts on 08.01.2018 Gambling
Hybrid Betting Hybrid Betting
We base our offer on a proprietary game that’s completely new, forget odd and traditional betting, H...
DADI DADI (ICO) Starts on 22.01.2018 Infrastructure
A new era of cloud computing services, powered by blockchain technology.
Dogezer Dogezer (ICO) Starts on 15.01.2018 Infrastructure
Dogezer Dogezer
Dogezer is a platform that allows team members to be product investors by investing their time and l...
Cryptectum Cryptectum (ICO) Starts on 18.02.2018 Real Estate
Cryptectum Cryptectum
With Cryptectum, investors get the opportunity to benefit from the Swiss real estate market for as l...
DeCoin DeCoin (Pre-ICO) Starts on 18.12.2017 Gambling
DeCoin DeCoin
Deсoin is a revolutionary exchange in gambling that allows you to remove the iron rule "The house al...
HireBits HireBits (ICO) Starts on 15.12.2017 Internet
HireBits HireBits
HireBits helps recruiters and companies unearth, evaluate, and engage with the best talent. We are b...
OpenAssets OpenAssets (Pre-ICO) Starts on 26.02.2018 Finance
OpenAssets OpenAssets
Open ecosystem for more effective interaction with the ICO with funds, investors, experts, and trade...
inCadena inCadena (ICO) Starts on 01.01.2018 Gaming
inCadena inCadena
inCadena is a project for network protocol, game platform, and crypto-economic development for Latin...
IQeon IQeon (Pre-ICO) Starts on 15.12.2017 Gaming
IQeon IQeon
IQeon - децентрализованная игровая PvP платформа

IQeon представляет инфраструктуру, объ...
Majato Project Majato Project (Pre-ICO) Starts on 20.12.2017 Industry
Majato Project Majato Project
Majato is the revolutionary blockchain project in the legal cannabis industry with a double goal: ...
Hada DBank Hada DBank (ICO) Date is TBA Finance
Hada DBank Hada DBank
We’re sitting on a pivot point of the next technological shift since the conception of blockchain te...
Totum Totum (Pre-ICO) Ended on 11.12.2017 Gaming
Totum Totum
Totum is an innovation in the world of cryptocurrencies and online gaming. It is a platform that all...
Rexpax Rexpax (Pre-ICO) Ended on 11.12.2017 Social Network Full info
Rexpax Rexpax
Rexpax is world's largest platform for sharing items. The Rexpax app is a new service that makes the... Full info (ICO) Ended on 10.12.2017 Finance Full info is a decentralized algo-trading pool that is based on a smart contract. We bring already p... Full info
STeX Exchange STeX Exchange (ICO) Ended on 10.12.2017 Finance Full info
STeX Exchange STeX Exchange
The 1-st aggregator of crypto liquidity.
Trade over 10,000 coin cross rates in one place.
Full info
DIMND DIMND (Pre-ICO) Ended on 10.12.2017 Finance
Digital Currency powered by Ethereum, represented by Diamonds.
UHUB UHUB (ICO) Ended on 10.12.2017 Finance
Decentralized E-Commerce Ecosystem
ConsulTX ICO ConsulTX ICO (Pre-ICO) Ended on 09.12.2017 Industry
ConsulTX ICO ConsulTX ICO
Decentralized, Real-Time Consulting Platform
Etherem Universe Etherem Universe (ICO) Ended on 08.12.2017 Payments
Etherem Universe Etherem Universe
The worlds first 100% ethereum based an alternative to fiat currency  anywhere in the ...
U.CASH U.CASH (ICO) Ended on 08.12.2017 Finance
U.CASH is combining cash with digital currencies, a retail network of converters, apps and partner i...
Galaxy eSolutions Galaxy eSolutions (Pre-ICO) Ended on 07.12.2017 Logistics
Galaxy eSolutions Galaxy eSolutions
A global distribution and e-commerce marketplace for refurbished consumer electronics.
Wishfinance Wishfinance (ICO) Ended on 07.12.2017 Finance
Wishfinance Wishfinance
The first ever global Blockchain Platform as a Service for small business lending. WishFinance Plat...
Geens NPO Geens NPO (ICO) Ended on 07.12.2017 Legal Full info
Geens NPO Geens NPO
Privacy Focused Blockchain Timestamping Office. Geens encrypted document storage is connected to the... Full info
Komar Coin Komar Coin (Pre-ICO) Ended on 06.12.2017 Finance
Komar Coin Komar Coin
A revolutionary lending platform that uses a NEURAL NETWORKS in a cryptocurrency trading. KOMAR L...
Global Jobcoin Global Jobcoin (ICO) Ended on 06.12.2017 Industry
Global Jobcoin Global Jobcoin
Global Jobcoin for Employers & Employees. A decentralized coin to pay for services related to employ...
bitferry bitferry (ICO) Ended on 06.12.2017 Mining
bitferry bitferry
Bitferry is one of the biggest mining centers in Europe with its own production.
fidentiaX fidentiaX (ICO) Ended on 05.12.2017 Finance Full info
fidentiaX fidentiaX
World's 1st Marketplace for Tradable Insurance Policies by leveraging on Blockchain technology to di... Full info
Cashaa Cashaa (ICO) Ended on 05.12.2017 Finance Full info
Cashaa Cashaa
The Next Generation Banking Platform for the Next Billion Full info
The Tap Project The Tap Project (ICO) Ended on 05.12.2017 Gaming
The Tap Project The Tap Project
The Tap project is a blockchain based transferable in-game crypto currency that aims to decentralize...
Herby Herby (Pre-ICO) Ended on 04.12.2017 Industry
Herby Herby
Blockchain-based platform for the legal marijuana market, based on the use of smart contracts
MISSCOIN MISSCOIN (Pre-ICO) Ended on 03.12.2017 Entertainment
Платформа Мисскоин, предлагает революционный способ проведения первого международного конкурса красо...
Simple Token Simple Token (ICO) Ended on 01.12.2017 Infrastructure Full info
Simple Token Simple Token
Simple Token empowers any company — from a global brand to an emerging app maker — to issue what we ... Full info
Rockchain Rockchain (ICO) Ended on 01.12.2017 Infrastructure
Rockchain Rockchain
Rockchain brings your private data and the Ethereum public blockchain together. In a rock solid way....
Anna Anna (ICO) Ended on 01.12.2017 Computing
Anna Anna
Anna smart mirror - First cryptocurrency crowdsale for a real and tangible product dedicated to be l...
Publica Publica (ICO) Ended on 01.12.2017 Finance
Publica Publica
Publica - Blockchain revolution for the publishing economy

Publica will fuel an ecosyst...
CryptoSoft CryptoSoft (ICO) Ended on 30.11.2017 Mining
CryptoSoft CryptoSoft
Be a part of the most amazing CryptoMining ecosystem!
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VONE ICO the new lending system that comes with a free cold storage device.

The lending plan is very simple and yet very profitable, better than any current lending systems today, What makes VONE lendi...
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HydroMiner approaches ICO conclusion with record-setting success

Green energy crypto mining start up HydroMiner continues to witness a high subscription to its ongoing H2O token sale, alread...
Read more 13.11.2017

Final Week of HydroMiner Token Sale

HydroMiner is entering the last week of their very successful Token Sale.They already raised over 7,600 Ether, and the good n...
Read more 09.11.2017

Swiss Private Banking delving into Blockchain Era

In the nearest future Blockchain technology will become a widespread disruptive power in Financial Sector. It will increase c...
Read more 02.11.2017

ALLOY - Blockchain-based Global Rewards Network

Real world Rewards for Virtual Currencies - A blockchain-based Global Rewards Network
Read more 21.10.2017