About ICO Marketing Agencies

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About ICO Marketing Agencies

Since the launch of bitcoin the first ever cryptocurrency in 2009, the crypto market has experienced the rise of numerous ICOs. On a yearly basis, these ICOs thunder ahead raising an impressive amount of investments and investors and giving returns of up to 200,000 percent. The successes of these initial coin offerings are owed to a range of factors one of which is the art of marketing. In line with the above, the art of digital currencies and ICO marketing is front lined by several things some of which are ICO marketing agencies, crypto PR agencies, and crypto agencies. These agencies execute ICOs and sales of tokens, provides necessary help to capital markets and manages assets and communities among several other functions. With such roles played by them, it is right to say that the crypto world and initial coin offerings succeed largely due to marketing agencies and competent teams. Having said that let's take a closer look at what ICO Marketing agencies really are.

ICO Marketing Agencies.

In today's era, organic marketing is essential for any business or consumer product to thrive and bond with their target audience. This position is no different for ICOs. Luckily the crypto market has set in place various crypto public relations agencies and ICO marketing agencies to meet such organic marketing needs. Additionally, a successful ICO is a perfect blend of vision, great team, impressive marketing campaign, and product. For an ICO to achieve the number of funds it desires to carry out a project, a marketing campaign is necessary. Following the above, while such successes can be made possible by crypto agencies, it is also important to note that crypto agencies and ICO marketing agencies cannot exactly be regarded as an elixir for all crypto difficulties as a majority of them have their weaknesses side by side their strengths. These, therefore, means that ICO still needs to own a competent team that works at ensuring their smooth operations. Having said that, let's take a quick look at some of the best marketing agencies or public relations firms and their functions.

1) Amazix:

Amazix has emerged as a leading ICO marketing agency due to its impressive abilities in handling ICO projects. It is made up of a wide range of expert cryptocurrency consultants with years of experience in the crypto market. Amazix has over its years of experience carved a niche for itself. This niche focuses on community management which is essentially about gaining the trust of the community. This has ultimately led to the successful completion of numerous ICO projects.

2) ICO Box:

ICO Box stands as the first to the scene business facilitator and promoter of blockchain growth. While they are the first, they are also unrivaled in size. What's more, they form smart contracts and use PR package and traffic package to promote marketing. Due to the reputation, ICO Box has made for itself since its inception, majority of companies who aim to promote the sales of their products with the use of the ICO crowdsale platform always opt for the ICO Box. This marketing agency is in simple terms a choice brand in the industry.

3) Argon Group:

Argon group focuses on marketing, structuring and providing answers to sales on crowdtoken. It also pretty much simplifies complicated matters. Additionally, argon group attracts investors to ICO projects by making the financing process easily understandable. They do this by actively plunging themselves into the digital financing field. Furthermore, considering the fact that they have their headquarters in the United States, they have a good number of clients and have an impressive track record.

4) Element Group:

Element Group comes next on the list of leading crypto agencies due to the good number of services it offers towards the development of ICO projects. This agency has as its primary objective the comprehensive management of assets as well as the implementation of token sales and initial coin offerings. It does this by giving the best advisory services which result in a seamless flow between buyers and issuers respectively. The company also pushes the limits to make available necessary assistance for technology, capital markets and the enhancements of orthodox finance. It aims to offer such assistance and birth such enhancements through the possibilities of crypto economics.

5) Mazee:

Mazee is an ICO marketing agency that specializes solely in community management and building community trust. It pretty much has the same strength as Amazix. Knowing the core role community trust plays in the implementation of ICOs, mazee facilitates commendable bounty campaigns and promotes active engagement of the community through any available medium. While also building community trust, mazee goes on to provide tailored and workable solutions that match the preferences of each client.

6) Priority Token:

This crypto PR agency makes the list of choice agencies due to the fact that it can turn an average ICO project into a huge success. They also offer services that other ICO marketing agencies don't. Some of such services are roadshow, positioning, and tokenomics. These services pull in investors and entrepreneurs alike as they see financial opportunities within them. Priority Token also boasts of an impressive team capable of meeting the rising demands of clients.

Overall, ICOs have undoubtedly revolutionized the concept of cryptocurrency and fundraising. From the start of 2018 till June 2018, ICOs pulled in a sum total of six billion dollars. This figures perfectly illustrates its growth. Furthermore, the successes of ICOs is largely owed to ICO marketing agencies, crypto agencies and crypto PR agency who go out of their way to ensure ICO projects within their umbrellas become successful. Despite the usefulness of these agencies, companies, and businesses seeking to launch ICOs should understand that crypto agencies such as the above discussed are not panaceas. They should, therefore, work towards establishing their personal standard team.


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