ALLOY - Blockchain-based Global Rewards Network

Real world Rewards for Virtual Currencies - A blockchain-based Global Rewards Network
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Lucyd is Decentralizing the AR Revolution

There’s a reason you don’t own smartglasses yet. There are many hurdles in the way of truly user-friendly augmented reality d...
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Blockchain - for the safe flights

New startup Aeron focused on aviation safety was founded by group of aviation enthusiasts thinking that blockchain technology...
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Advantages of ICO Crystal Clear Services

Crystal Clear Services develops the platform for the convenient and easy order of services, that solves daily problems of peo...
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Cajutel - new internet era for the West Africa

Cajutel Sarl, a company from Guinea-Bissau is building infrastructure to serve the masses in west africa with high speed inte...
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What is

Block chain based social media dashboard hub that also supports community building and social interaction with cryptocurrency...
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User-centric marketplace

Agora.Decentralized user-centric marketplace with fairness and privacy by design
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ICO regulation?

The State Securities and Exchange Commission has released a new guide to the regulation of digital tokens and ICO
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