What Are the Benefits of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

ICO stands for initial coin offering; it is a new prominent way to raise money for startup companies by selling cryptos.

Read more 21.01.2021

What Is An ICO? Initial Coin Offering Definition

What Is An ICO? ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a new prominent way of fundraising by selling cryptocurrencies.

Read more 19.01.2021

Certificate Issuing System by Blockchain Network of Counos

All types of certifications and documents like university degrees, customs documents and ect... can be issued, stored, and tr...

Read more 07.11.2020

Blockchain Based E-Voting System-Counos

The most important features of the Blockchain technology that make it quite suitable for elections are being tamper-proof and...

Read more 18.10.2020

How Centralized Is Bitcoin?

One of the most important reasons behind developing a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin was so that money concentration would not...

Read more 22.09.2020

VeChain Blockchain Tech Used to Store COVID-19 Vaccination Records

The Hospital in Cyprus shows another engrossing use case of the supply chain logistics platform by saving its records of Covi...
Read more 20.01.2021

Dynamo Kyiv Will Use Blockchain to Generate Revenue

Dynamo Kyiv, the biggest football clubs has announced that it will incorporate Blockchain technology in order to generate a n...
Read more 18.01.2021

Global Currency for the World

all the people from around the world will definitely be using the same currency to trade or purchase the items they...
Read more 11.01.2021

Choosing the Best Online Web Wallet

A fully decentralized web wallet means more safety and freedom for users who are concerned about their privacy and the safety...
Read more 10.01.2021

Does Bitcoin have fancy use or an exchange value?

Motivating people to hoard as many Bitcoins as they own creates a fake price for Bitcoin and reflects its influence in the...
Read more 06.01.2021

Paper Wallet of Counos Platform added 203 Coins

Counos Platform has once again set itself apart, Paper Wallet now supports more than two hundred cryptocurrencies. Users are ...
Read more 03.01.2021

Turkey is set to pilot its digital currency in 2021

Turkey has announced that they aim to test a Turkish central bank digital currency (CBDC) in the second half of 2021 ...
Read more 01.01.2021

Counos added 6 new coins to paper wallet

with the latest update of the Counos Paper Wallet, you can store more type of coins like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dod...
Read more 01.01.2021

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