KYC procedure

We Roll Out Game-Changing KYC System

The new KYC system enables us to quickly check identities of team members, bringing more transparency and trust to our space. You can learn more about our efforts in our Medium article here.

We welcome you to test it out and share with us what you think. We are sure that you will love the ease and convenience it brings to the table.

What's it all about?

Surely, you know that the crypto space has been plagued with scammy projects that fake their team credentials and generally provide false information on their projects. We've come to believe that we know the answer how to clean up this field here and now.

We ask teams to pick 2 members, who will need to provide information on their identities. This shows that the project is backed up by real people, who are not afraid to reveal themselves.

Some teams balk at this effort, some love it. But what's for sure is that it will help us all weed out bad actors out there.

How does it work?

Our AI-powered system enables a quick and easy process to verify documents, irrespective of the language they use. All the data is securely stored in the Tier-III database, backed up by several protection walls and monitored by security personnel. This brings ease of use and heightened level of data security.

Take a few minutes and check out how the process works:

  1. Your team members need to set up accounts at our website. We only need to get names and emails from you, that's it.

  2. You pick several members, who will undergo the verification process.

  3. They upload in the account the scanned copies of IDs (passport, driver license or ID card), a selfie with the document in hand and pay a small fee.

  4. The data is furnished to our Counos KYC system, while we have no access to your documents and data.

  5. In just few hours, you'll receive an email with the results.

  6. If your members fail or if you refuse to undergo the procedure overall, you'll only get 5 out of 10 scores in the "Team" Section.

  7. If you've passed, you'll get the maximum scoring, i.e. 10 out of 10, provided that you fill in all the information about the team members.

As you can see, it's pretty easy and it'll help you a lot to stand out from competition in this field.

Why do we need it?

This can be a powerful tool for anybody, who's researching ICOs, be it a sophisticated analyst or novice investor, trying to "dip toes" into crypto. It helps to weed out the teams without faces and identities, significantly reducing the risk of falling prey to scams.

The opaqueness and lots of marketing buzz in this sector has created ample grounds for bad actors to proliferate here, assuming faking identities and wreaking all kinds of havoc.

If you don't want to be one of the investors, who gotta trust "their gut feeling", rather than learning who the people behind the project are, this feature is just what you need.

Make sure that you sign up today and test it out yourself. If you like the work we do here, subscribe to our blog and keep track of the latest innovations we roll out in order to make your life easier.

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