ICO Score calculation methodology

Each ICO at goes through a semi-automatic quality check. The algorithm that accounts for over 25 criteria delivers a preliminary scoring, which is subsequently approved or adjusted by expert moderators before a project is published. We are constantly tracking trends in crypto investment and tweak calculations in order to improve objectivity of our assessments for individual projects.

The assessment algorithm includes five groups of indicators:

  1. General Information;
  2. Financials;
  3. Product;
  4. Marketing;
  5. Team;

Each group contains respective sub-groups, while the quality of information presented here impacts the overall scoring.

As we said above, each group first goes through the automatic check and then through manual adjustment, based on the research into the provided information and its completeness.

1. The general information includes:

  • Project name;
  • Currency code;
  • Logo;
  • Website link;
  • Project description;
  • Start date and time;
  • Completion date and time;

When all the main points for the ICO are specified, this shows a responsbile approach by managers to developing the product. This is the first thing that investors consider, when reviewing potential objects for investment.

2. Financials includes:

  • Caps;
  • Funds distribution;
  • Allowed currencies;
  • Tokens info: volume and pricing;
  • Availability of escrow;

The availability of a clear financial policy helps investors gauge the risk level of their investment. The detailed disclosure on cash flows during and after the ICO helps investors understand whether the team is capable to subsequently drive development of their token.

3. Product includes:

  • Availability and completeness of Roadmap;
  • Availability and quality of White Paper;
  • Availability of operable prototype;

When the ICO furnishes a sufficiently detailed description on the product, this helps investors understand how difficult it will be to implement the idea. The less information the company has about its product at the ICO stage, the less confidence the investors will have about its future viability.

4. Marketing includes:

  • Number of promotion channels and quality of their utilization;
  • Availabiity of the project video presentation;

Communications between the project team on the one side and investors and supporters on the other side is key to success of any investment campaign. Engaging a wide range of promotion channels, the team can reach a greater number of people, growing the leads pool. In addition, we research socials-based presence and adjust the final assessment for this group accordinly.

5. Team includes:

  • Number of team members and their identities;
  • Availability of bio, photos and links to social accounts;

The major investors always take a deep-dive look into all team members. The availability of the well-established team which includes trusted members is a key gauge on how successful the ICO might be. The more information is available for individual team members (photos, links to social accounts, bio), the higher overall score we set for the team section. In addition, each ICO project on Foundico is invited to undergo the identification procedure (KYC) of the team members. In case of refusal of this procedure, the maximum possible score for the "Team" block will be not more than 5 scores out of 10.

We urge all teams to describe their ICOs with as many details as possible. This way, you will make sure that users will trust your project, helping it stand out from a huge number of other investment campaigns online.

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