Complaints procedure

Foundico team is the first entity responsible for implementing the measures aimed at protection and filtering the information posted on That is why we've developed a procedure for consideration of complaints about potentially fraudulent projects; this procedure will help settle any conflict situations between the users and project owners.

We kindly ask you not to stay aside if you have faced any fraudulent actions from some ICO project. First, you should contact immediate representatives of the project and try to solve the problem directly. If the project team does not answer you within a reasonable period and the project is posted on our website, you can submit a complaint of it using a special form on the detailed project page by clicking this button: info_outline. If a certain project has not been posted on yet, you can inform us on it in advance using the feedback form.

Complaint procedure:

  1. A user willing to file a complaint, after failed attempt to contact representatives of the project in question, should open a detailed page of this project on, click complaint button, and fill in the mandatory fields. The user should provide any information that can be useful during the examination: your messages to the project team, documents, links to articles, etc.;

  2. If the project has not been published on, you should use the feedback form and send us as much information on the situation as possible. We will consider the provided information if this project is ever submitted to our system;

  3. If the project has been already published on, we will contact the project representatives and notify them on the complaint. Within 48 hours after complaint receipt, the project team will have to provide explanatory information that could help resolving the dispute between the user and the accused project;

  4. If the project team fails to provide such information within 48 hours, or if the provided information is considered as insufficient to resolve the dispute, or as misleading and ambiguous, we will conduct the internal examination based on the information from the complaint received, as well as on means of social interaction between the project team and the investors. Based on the results of the examination, we reserve the right to delist (deactivate) the project from without refunding any fees paid, or leave the project after lowering its ICO score, or take no actions. In all cases, the user will be notified on the internal examination results;

  5. If the project team provides explanatory information, which satisfies the complainant within 48 hours, the internal examination will not be conducted and the dispute will be considered as settled.

Please note that the fact of filing a complaint implies user's automatic joining the examination process on the accused project. Complaint procedure will be started only if the user provides us with sound reasons of his/her charges (see Clause 1 of "Complaint Procedure"), as well as accurate contact information for direct communication with him/her. In all other cases, the complaint will be considered as false.

Foundico team reserves the right to change this complaint procedure without prior notice.

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