All You Need To Know About Bitcoin

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All You Need To Know About Bitcoin

The cryptocurrency world has in recent years been ablaze with excitement and curiosity over blockchain projects viable enough to give every investor that impressive return on investment that they all desire. While this may be, on the top of such cryptocurrencies currently making huge waves is bitcoin. You might as well refer to it as the godfather of all cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin being the first cryptocurrency to ever be launched has been around for over a decade. In 2008, the first suggestions of bitcoin started to stir online recognition. Although at this point no one really had a complete grasp of what it was about. Today millions of people have invested and are investing in bitcoin. Consequently, bitcoin price continues to soar thereby meaning more returns for investors.

In line with the above, if you are a rookie when it comes to cryptocurrency, you might have wondered about bitcoin and how exactly you can take a bite of this crypto pie. In this article we would be seeking to answer your concerns. Discussed below are all you should know about bitcoin.

What Is Bitcoin.

Basically, bitcoin exists as a cryptocurrency which works as a computerized cash. It takes on the form of a redistributed algebraic currency. This means that it works without a sole administrator and can be transferred from one user to another through the peer to peer system. Due to the simplicity inherent in this cryptocurrency, as a new user, you can start your bitcoin journey without fully grasping the technical details. However, there are some basic things you should understand. Let's take a look at how bitcoin works in line with these basic things.

How Does Bitcoin Work?

To get your bitcoin investment started, you should first install a bitcoin wallet on your mobile phone or on a computer. Your wallet would then go on to create your bitcoin address. This address would be used when you want to send payment or receive payment from a fellow bitcoin cryptocurrency investor and you should note that bitcoin addresses can be used just once. So, after a transaction, you would need to generate another address.

Bitcoin also works primarily with the assistance of blockchain technology. Blockchain is a shared and widespread book of account. In line with this, every confirmed transaction is entered into it. The integrity and trusted operation of blockchain is made possible by cryptography. Cryptography is the art of analyzing codes. Going on, within the Blockchain network, bitcoin related wallets are enabled to compute their expendable balance and every consequent transaction would be examined carefully to ensure that it is done by the owner. Each bitcoin wallet also has a deeply personal key which exists for the signing of transactions. The signing prevents the transaction from being tampered with by anybody and also proves that it emanates from the individual who owns of the wallet.

After the signing, every bitcoin related dealing is then transmitted over the network and would be confirmed through a mining process. Now for those who are unfamiliar with what mining entails, we are not talking about the unglamorous pickaxes, dirt and striking traditional form of mining. Bitcoin mining is performed by sophisticated computers that provides solutions to complex computer related math problems. Such computers after solving these math problems create new bitcoins. Also, bitcoin miners ensure that the payment network for this cryptocurrency is secure and trustworthy. It does this by confirming the information given for each of its transaction. Having laid that out, let's take a look into the worth of bitcoin.

What's Bitcoin Worth?

Being the godfather of all cryptocurrencies, each bitcoin currently is valued at $5,203.52 and its market cap is $90,639,436,723. Its value and global popularity makes it rank first among all cryptocurrencies that have existed and are existing. While bitcoins worth may be higher than other Cryptocurrencies, reports show that it is currently at one of its lowest values since it attained fame. This is because the crypto market has not yet started its much-anticipated bull run. Be that as it may, once the bull run starts, and with the fact that this cryptocurrency is volatile, the bitcoin price is likely to look way better than it presently does.

How Did Bitcoin Start?

In 2008, bitcoin surfaced and slowly began to ease its way into worldwide cyber space. Its name was registered online in August 2008 a few months after that a paper explaining what the cryptocurrency was all about began circulating the web and a cryptography mailing list. It was at this time people began understanding bitcoin and the man behind it known as Satoshi Nakatomo.

Going on, among the early contributors to bitcoins existence is late Hal Finney. He was a member of Cypherpunk movement and was a game developer. He received the proposal of Satoshi Nakatomo for bitcoin via the mailing list for cryptocurrency and was intrigued by the idea. When Nakatomo officially broadcasted bitcoins launch, Hal Finney requested to be the miner who would develop the first to the scene bitcoin coins. He was obliged and Satoshi sent him ten bitcoins derived within block seventy. From that time, bitcoin has continued to grow and yield returns. It started at $0.008 per bitcoin in 2009 and today bitcoin price is over $5,000. Bitcoin has so much moneymaking potentials that when Hal Finney was about to pass on in August 2014, he admitted leaving some bitcoin for his heirs as a reasonable inheritance.

On a final note, bitcoin is one cryptocurrency that has soldiered on despite the limitations it has encountered since its launch. For anyone desirous of taking the risk towards being a sensational cryptocurrency investor, bitcoin is a viable cryptocurrency worth investing in.


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