All you need to know about ICO listings

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All you need to know about ICO listings

Initial Coin Offerings have become the ultimate crowdfunding mechanism for most new crypto start-ups in the crypto industry. The coin offering market has been buzzing since its inception and every crypto enthusiast knows that the hype around ICO is warranted. New crypto projects are springing up on a daily basis and consequently, there is no shortage of ICOs in the market. For the regular investors looking to tap into this market, without guidance, it can be overwhelming trying todecide on the best ICO to invest in considering the number of tokens in the market. The guidance these investors use is called ICO listing services.

What are ICO listing services?

ICO listing services are simply websites that list and review ICO projects inclusive of the upcoming, ongoing and past ICOs in the crypto market. These websites provide details - dates, statistics and other vital information pertaining to the listed ICOs. They also offer details on the individual companies hosting the ICO. It would be practically impossible for an investor to keep track of every new ICO entering the market which is why these websites are of utmost importance. Beyond keeping the public informed, ICO listing services also lend a level of credibility to the campaigns by analysing and rating the ICOs. Some of the popular ICO listing websites include FoundICO, ICObench, ICOholder and ICOmarks.

A review of ICO listing websites

While all listing websites provide the basic information on the ICOs listed on their websites, not all listing sites are the same. Here, we will review three popular ICO listing websites - ICObench, ICOholder and ICOmarks.

- ICObench

ICObench is a free ICO listing service website supported by investors and financial experts who offer legal and technical advice to the investors on the platform. The coin offerings on the website are classified based on the different industries they fall into such as healthcare, real estate, education, gaming and so on. ICO rating on the website is given from the result of an evaluative assessment carried out by both Benchy - the platform bot and the experts. This rating is based is on a 5 point scale. While ICO bench is good as it provides detailed information on an ICO, a major drawback to using this site is the lack of regular updates. Changes in ICO dates and statistics are not often reflected once a review has been put up and it can be misleading for investors.

- ICOholder

ICOholder is an ICO listing service developed to provide information on ICOs to the crypto community, it also helps companies attract more investors to their projects. ICOholder is a reliable platform and it holds a lot benefits for its users one of such benefits being an objective rating system. Rating on the platform is based on over 70 different parameters including; product, activity, potential, team, ICO profile etc. The major disadvantage however to using the listing services of ICO holder is that updates and team verification is the sole responsibility of the ICO hosts and not the platform. Essentially, the platform doesn’t take any steps to verify and authenticate the information provided by a company, thus investors could be exposed to fraudulent scams disguising as ICOs on the platform.

- ICOmarks

ICOmarks is an independent ICO analysis and research platform. In addition to providing project and company descriptions, the website makes it simple for potential crypto investors to discover new and upcoming coin offerings while keeping track of the progress of the ongoing ones. Every ICO submitted to the platform goes through an analytical assessment by the ICOmarks’s team using the platform’s unique rating system. The good thing about ICO marks is it’s calendar of coin offerings which investors can use to track upcoming and current ICOs effectively.

Considering the number of ICO listing websites online and with every one of them claiming to be the best, finding credible and useful listing services can be tedious. Based on thorough and deep research, one of the best ICO listing websites you would find online is FoundICO.

What is FoundICO about?

FoundICO is an ICO listing service platform created to offer detailed and well researched information about ongoing, upcoming and past coin offerings. The reviews are written in a fun and simplified format free of all technical jargons such that even the least tech savvy investor would have no problem trying to understand it. The platform is very trustworthy as FoundICO’s team guarantees that only trusted and relevant ICOs are listed on the website to ensure that investors do not fall for scams in the ICO listings. Also, it is pertinent to note that FoundICO was one of the first ICO websites in the market, so they have sufficient experience to back up their credibility.

Benefits of using FoundICO

1. Independent Rating

Token issuers can register and sign up for a FoundICO account from where they can add their projects’ ICOs to be listed on the site. FoundICO manually moderates every piece of information on a new project and a project is required to pass the moderation test before it can be listed on the site to maintain trustworthiness.

2. KYC verification

FoundICO uses a set of procedures known as KYC to verify and authenticate the identity of team members with an ICO project. This verification protocol helps to identify fraudulent ICOs with unverifiable members hiding behind fake identities to scam unsuspecting investors.

3. Personal account

Registered users on FoundICO have access to several extra tools and functions the platform offers such as; listing and editing ICOs, adding ICOs to favorites list, grading ICOs, participating in the FoundICO referral program etc.

4. Advertising

The platform provides advertisement opportunities for its users by allowing users to advertise their products and services on FoundICO as enabled by its advertisement program. There is a structured price list which gives a detailed analysis of all paid services on the platform.

5. ICO Rating

FoundICO uses a 10 point scale to rate ICOs. The rating is based on how complete and comprehensive the information available on an ICO is. The higher the rating, the more thorough the information is. This rating lends credibility to projects and investors can use it to pick out ICOs to invest in.

6. FoundICO Success Rating (FSR)

FSR is a rating system which uses a unique algorithm to determine if the ICO and pre-ICOs listed on the website are successful. The rating uses a 5 point scale system. Here, the determining parameter behind a rating is the amount of funds raised during the ICO. If the funds realised from the ICO is relatively high, then the ICO gets a favourable (high) rating. If the funds raised so far do not meet expectations, the FSR rating will be low reflecting a poor turn out. This rating system is beneficial to investors as it can serve as indicator for successful coin offerings for interested investors.


Ensure that you do your due diligence before you invest in any ICO. FoundICO is there to provide detailed and verifiable information on every relevant ICO to help you inminimizing the risks involved in investment. The FoundICO team is also working to enhance the quality of its services and products while upgrading andcreating more useful tools that will be used to analyze ICO projects.

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