Anthony Hopkins Sells Out NFT Collection

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Anthony Hopkins Sells Out NFT Collection

·       There may be some good news for the Chinese crypto lovers after all, because Tron founder believes that crypto will return to China.

·       Tesla CEO, Elon Musk is under investigation by the federal government.

·       The Author of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad says he prefers crypto to real estate.

·       51% of Ethereum blocks are now in compliant with OFAC standards, which some say it raises censorship concerns.

·       Academy Award winner actor Anthony Hopkins sells out NFT collection in minutes.

·       Federal governor Christopher Waller says that United States CBDC or Central Bank Digital Currency would not enhance things the world loves about United Sates fiat currency.

·       Texas authorities object to Voyager’s disclosure statement in its currenct form.

·       Kraken managing director Jonathon Miller says NFTs will be as disruptive as Bitcoin was 10 years ago.

·       Japanese cryptocurrency businesses and exchanges have been in the crosshairs of North Korean hackers.


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