Argentina Seizes Wallets Linked to Tax Evasion

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Argentina Seizes Wallets Linked to Tax Evasion

·       The government of Colombia has expressed its intention to use Ripple Blockchain for land registration. “U Today”

·       Before the unlocking of 1 billion coins, some suspicious XRP whale activity was observed on-chain. “U Today”

·       The European Union’s MiCa crypto regulation provides consistency, but experts says it’s not the consistency crypto market needs. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Experts explain that music NFTs will enhance the connection between creators and fans. “Coin Telegraph”

·       80,000 Bitcoin millionaires wiped out in the great crypto crash of 2022. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Ronin Bridge reopens following 600-million-dollar hack. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Argentina carries out crypto wallet seizures linked to tax delinquents. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Coinbase wants to start operations in Italy, Spain, France, and the Netherlands. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Finance firms announce first deal with digital financial assets under Russian legislation. “Bitcoin News”

·       El Salvador has once again bought the Bitcoin dip, adding 80 BTC to its crypto stash. “U Today”


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