Calculate currencies rates with our bitcoin calculator

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Calculate currencies rates with our bitcoin calculator

Bitcoin Calculator: Advantages

Cryptocurrency calculator is designed to calculate the ratio of two currency units to each other. With its help, the user learns equivalent of the digital currency to the current exchange rate of the ruble, the euro, the US dollar, etc. Bitcoin calculator uses current data on the electronic money value and the exchange rate of the European Central Bank.

Who is it intended for?

Cryptocurrency calculator is a tool enabling to convert electronic coins into digital or fiat currency. It is used by investors into ICO projects, holders of digital assets, users of online currency exchange platforms and P2P sites. Based on the calculations obtained, they can assess the following things:

  • equivalence of cryptocoins to major currencies (RUB, EUR, USD, GBP, etc.);

  • ratio of liquid cryptocurrency pairs.

How does it work?

Cryptocurrency calculator shows the result instantly. The following factors are taken into account for carrying out the settlement transactions:

  • average exchange rate of the digital currency;

  • current rate of the European Central Bank.

Average values of currency units are used for objective assessment of proportional ratio of the electronic money.


The calculator converts any trade and currency pairs:

  • ICO tokens and cryptocurrency;

  • digital currency and fiat currency;

  • tokens to currency unit of any country.

With the emergence f new tokens, developers update the functions offered and extend the list of available cryptocurrency pairs. A list of popular digital money conversions is also provided.


Bitcoin calculator can:

  • calculate any amounts;

  • produce the results with minimal accuracy errors;

  • calculate the equivalent amount taking into account the fractional part.

This tool facilitates the work of investors. Users of services do not need to remember all the exchange rates and take into account the dynamics of their surges and drops. Moreover, it is too reckless to focus on exchange rates alone. They cannot give the exact number as some of the tokens are divided up to 8 decimal digits. The calculator provides the following information in a couple of seconds: the number of coins that can be bought, the amount of money they can be sold for.

The cryptocurrency calculator allows controlling the digital asset value in real time. It provides complete information, so you won't have to resort to third-party sites.

How to use it?

Online calculator has a user-friendly and intuitive interface that even a beginner will understand. You should follow the link and select two currencies of interest from the options proposed. Enter their names in the free field or search in the list of digital currencies. The software processes any amounts.

The result

Cryptocurrency calculator and converter are highly efficient tools for estimating liquidity of the digital currency, proportional ratio of currency pairs, profitability of exchange of cryptocoins to various fiat currencies. The software produces complex mathematical calculations and is freely accessible.


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