Counos X

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Counos X

The latest achievement from Counos turns the crypto world upside down. Although there are many coins that enable inexpensive and fast transactions, they wouldn’t be considered ideal solutions for payments and money transfers due to price volatility. Counos Platform now has the solution. Counos X is the first coin that is bankable and has a fixed bid and ask price. This makes payments very attractive for retailers and consumers, because a fixed price can be defined for a product and will remain as such, since the price of Counos X remains the same. Another advantage is the proof of stake algorithm. If you hold Counos X longer than a year, you will receive a 5% interest. If you keep Counos X longer than 6 months, your coins will increase by 2%.

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Prominent features of Counos X (CCXX):

  • Payments made in seconds thanks to the Lightning Network

  • Fixed bid and ask price

  • 5% annual return

  • 2% return after 6 months

  • Easy exchange with dollars, CHF, EUR

  • Worldwide transfer

  • Grade A safety and security algorithms

  • Fast and quick

The first bankable Coin

The bankable coin

Counos Platform was the first to create a coin that can be bought directly with your local bank. No matter with which bank in the world, go to your advisor and buy Counos X through the Swiss ISIN.

Easy exchange from Dollar, CHF, EUR to Counos X and vice versa

With the help of the Counos Decentralized Exchange (Counos DEX) and the agents, it is easy to exchange Counos X with Fiat currencies around the world and to exchange back again.

This way you can send money around the world 24/7 in a fast and secure way. The minimum transaction costs are also negligible and therefore unrivaled.

How does money transfer with Counos X work?

Transferring money with Counos X is as simple as it is ingenious. For example, let’s consider someone who wants to deliver Euros from Turkey to Germany. This way, this person can buy Counos X from a Counos agent in Turkey. He then sends these to Germany via the electronic wallet quickly and easily, and then an agent can convert the Counos X into Euros. Since the bank does not have to give a confirmation, this works at any time.

Payment of goods or services

A very safe and easy way to use Counos X is to pay for goods or services. For example, if you live in Germany and order a carpet from Turkey, you can use Counos Escrow Service and pay with Counos X to purchase what you want. The seller then sees the payment already made and can safely send the carpet to Germany. He can then change the received Counos X to Turkish Lira or Euros or keep the Counos X and benefit from the 5% annual return.

Already Among the Top 100 Coins

Already Among the Top 100 Coins

Launched only two years ago, Counos X (CCXX) is already among the CoinMarketCap Top 100 Coins. And rightly so, because no other coin has as many advantages as Counos X. Whether it’s the breathtaking speed or the security that the coin offers.

Unfortunately, Counos X is only available to a limited extent and is therefore only available to customers who secure the coin first.

For technical and more information, visit Counos Platform.


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