Digital Ruble to Be Introduced in 2024

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Digital Ruble to Be Introduced in 2024

·       Following a $32 million hack forces Blue Benx to block all of its users from withdrawing. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Despite the value gathered, the potential Ethereum fork token lost more than half of its USD value in less than six days. “Bitcoin News”

·       Dogecoin integration moving into new realms. “U Today”

·       Mark Cuban had been sued for allegedly promoting a massive crypto Ponzi scheme. “Bitcoin News”

·       It’s illegal to buy or sell cryptocurrency, top banker reminds Iranians. “Bitcoin News”

·       A Tornado Cash contributor has confirmed that the TC DAO was shut down. “Crypto Slate”

·       ADA has outperformed other major altcoins over the last 24 hours. “U Today”

·       The AUSD Stablecoin has lost its peg following the hacking incident. “U Today”

·       Bank of Russia plans to introduce the digital Ruble currency in 2024. “Bitcoin News”


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