Funko and Paramount to Launch NFT Collection

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Funko and Paramount to Launch NFT Collection

·       As the Metaverse becomes more and more popular, it is driving brands from across the sectors to build a presence in the space. “Crypto Slate”

·       According to statistics, short-term Bitcoin holders buy between 17 to 48 thousand dollars’ worth of BTC. “Crypto Slate”

·       A balanced regulation could see funds stream into South Africa while growing the country’s burgeoning crypto ecosystem. “Bitcoin News”

·       Shiba returns as the biggest coin in USD equivalent held by large Ethereum whales. “U Today”

·       Ripple’s counsel has urged US lawmakers to urgently pass “sensible crypto legislation” amid the SEC lawsuit over XRP. “Bitcoin News”

·       FTX FZE exchange will be the first to fully operate as a virtual asset provider in the region. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Whales grab 2.5 million MATIC. “U Today”

·       Two corporations Funko and Paramount plan to introduce a series of NFTs. “Bitcoin News”

·       Victims of the Terra have filed a class-actions lawsuit against this platform and its founders. “Bitcoin News”

·       Cardano now supported by VR platform used in 2500 games. “U Today”


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