How to launch ICO for your own project?

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How to launch ICO for your own project?

In this article, we talk about how you can launch your ICO project totally on your own. In fact, it’s not that hard at all. You just need to follow certain rules and raise awareness on your project as much as you can.

Let’s look into the main stages of an ICO.

Creating a [PRE-ANN] thread at the bitcointalk forum

If you have a great idea and you want to launch an initial coin offering, the first thing that you need to do is to determine whether your idea has any strong chances for survival.

You won’t manage to do that on your own since it’ll be hard for you to review your strategy in an objective manner. Of course, you can turn to experts, but the ITO (initial token offering; another name of this process) is at its nascence and you might fail to find an “advisor” that you need or she might not have strong insights in your specific field.

What you can do is create a thread at the bitcointalk forum and name it [PRE-ANN] + Name of your project. This forum is the main venue for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. They will help you cross the t’s and dot the i’s and determine whether you should pour effort in developing the idea.

Gathering Team

If the crypto-community has a positive feedback on your plans to launch an ICO by yourself, at the next stage, you’ll need to beef up a team of professional experts. It will include copywriters, marketing guys, coders and project managers. Rolling out such a big project can be a daunting task and you won’t be able to tackle it with a smaller team.

Creating White Paper and Website

At the next stage, it’s the White Paper that you need to create. Although many companies churn out horrendous WPs for their own ICOs, this is the worst service that you can do to your venture.

Even if you decide to carry out the initial offering of the cryptocurrency on your own, writing an engrossing, vivid and clear White Paper is not that hard a thing to do.

Currently, websites in this industry are produced as ascetic landings with just basic information on them. Minimalism is in vogue.

Launching Mailout and Socials

When your website and White Paper are ready, you’ll need to create the [ANN] thread at the bitcointalk forum and roll out the socials. Be ready to get a lot of questions from all the sides with users expecting you to provide the answers right on the spot.

Bounty Campaign

After you've started writing about your enterprise on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Slack, Instagram and, of course, Bitcointalk, it's the right time to kick off your bounty campaign. This is a key event if you want to do the ICO on your own and ace it with no help from a professional marketing team.

The users will do tweets and posts, spreading the word on your ITO by placing ads in their signatures and writing blog articles. That's just the thing that you need in order for the wider audience to learn about your strategy and objectives. And, most importantly, it's all completely free! In return to the services from campaign participants, you agree to distribute a certain number of tokens after the ICO has completed, which means that you don't have to cover any costs from your own funds.

Surely, there'll be a lot of obstacles and problems in your journey to roll out a cryptotoken, but it's through these efforts to address the vulnerabilities that you’ll be able to prove to yourself and the cryptocommunity that your idea is really worth attention.

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