ICO, STO, IEO listings and their benefits

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ICO, STO, IEO listings and their benefits

Before getting access to trading, cryptocurrency and token have to undergo a long analysis. Only after several selection stages, they are added to platforms that are considered to be the main tools for performing transactions with digital coins. For startups, this procedure is called ICO listing. Adding a project or a cryptocurrency to the exchange positively affects their development prospects.

What is listing for ICO, STO, and IEO?

Listing is the process of adding the projects and digital coins to the list of available instruments on the stock exchange. Once an asset is added to such a list, it becomes available for transactions and investments.

The digital market develops rapidly and, accordingly, numerous new coins emerge. High competition pushes creators to promotion. Adding a cryptocurrency to the trading platform listing is one of the main parameters of currency acknowledgement. Experts can trace back the correlation between success of a digital asset and the number of platforms where it is listed.

The same is true with startups — adding to ICO list means a guarantee of return on investment and safety of funds for the investors. For the creator, it means enhancement of the investment appeal and trust, as well as facilitation of further development. Therefore, the users can rest assured that the funds they invested will not only return, but can also bring profit.

What to pay your attention to when choosing a project to invest in?

Initial coin offering or ICO is the procedure of issuance of a company's own tokens and placing them on the cryptocurrency trading platform. As a result, investments that exceed the emission costs may be attracted.

Competent and experienced experts recommend paying attention to the following parameters when choosing the ICO:

  • specialization of an asset (technology, documents, existing practices, marketing approach);

  • detailed business plan, that is the purpose of the startup and its development plans;

  • liquidity level;

  • team (history, openness of data, experience, speed of response to requests, presence in social networks). A positive sign is availability of the enterprise details and intellectual property, as well as presence in the registers of legal entities;

  • market demand;

  • planned scope and volume of sale;

  • the number of issued tokens, for example, unfounded issue in a huge amount does not evoke trust;

  • proposed way of their distribution.

After reviewing the provided information, we recommend conducting your own analysis — you should check presence of ICO in various trackers, read the information about this startup in mass media, blogs, social networks, messengers.

Initial coin offering stage implies existence of a functioning product or prototype. This guarantees the desire and motivation of the team to implement the plan and proves that developers are on the right way.

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