Inverse Finance Lost 17$ Million to Hackers

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Inverse Finance Lost 17$ Million to Hackers

·       Decentralized finance protocol known as the Inverse Finance has lost about 17 million dollars in two months to hackers. “Coin Telegraph”

·       The parliament of Panama was very close to crypto regulations, but the president of this country has vetoed part of the bill. “Coin Telegraph”

·       The plaintiff claims that Dogecoin is a Ponzi scheme. “U Today”

·       Arthur Hayes believes that altcoins might lose half their value in the coming weeks. “U Today”

·       A national post office in UAE launched a set of four NFT modern postage stamps. “Coin Telegraph”

·       A bill has been proposed to Brazilian congress that seeks to make Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies legal means of payment. “Bitcoin News”

·       Bitcoin is no longer profitable for the majority of miners. “U Today”

·       Jim Cramer has said that Bitcoin will go down to 12,000 dollars. “U Today”

·       Bitcoin fear and greed index is 9 – extreme fear in the market.

·       Russia could be ready to start mining Bitcoin with flare gas. “Coin Telegraph”


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