Launching ICO: Working With Professional Team

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Launching ICO: Working With Professional Team

Today, many teams look into rolling out an ICO in order to get finances for their blockchain-driven projects. Although this market is still at its earliest development stages, you can already find a blossoming marketing support industry with all sorts of proposals that will help your initial token offering do really well. Marketing companies operate in the "Wild West" conditions and quote seemingly random prices.

Let's take a look at the main services that can help you successfully launch your ITO (initial token offering).

Team Recruitment

Such marketing teams help customers find specialized professionals very fast, including marketing guys, copywriters, community managers and others.

Just in a couple of days you'll be able to set up the team and start rolling out the venture.

Let's make it clear, the developers are the prerequisite for a successful ICO. Don't kid yourself with the dream that you'd first get the money and find the coders next.

Many analysts would not turn their heads unless you have a strong developers presence in your cowork.

Drafting White Paper

Surely, you've come across low-quality translations of the White Paper and absolutely unfathomable originals in English. Yes, it's totally true that a team might win big with a totally horrible White Paper in place. But, then, it's just the Russian roulette that you are playing.

Thus, it's the engrossing, captivating and useful White Paper that will counter any objections that your investors might have, turning them in staunch believers.

The development of such documents might require several months with involvements of various specialists. By engaging a marketing agency, you can "rent the team out".

Driving Socials-Based Promotion

Your initial coin offering will surely be a success if you have a strong presence on Bitcointalk, Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Engage a marketing team to streamline multi-level highly complicate business processes. You can also ask them to translate the White Paper and threads into major languages, such as Chinese, German, Arab and Spanish. This way, you get to have a strong exposure to major investors in those countries. It’s not all ICOs that do that, which makes it possible for you to fight for investment in low-competition regions.

And, of course, you can get only certain services from an external agency, while still strategizing internally and keeping under control the costs that you incur. Most importantly, you’ll have some auditors and analysists to talk to and arrive at the joint solution on many conundrums that you’ll face on your way.

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