Most promising 2018 ICOs

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Most promising 2018 ICOs

As experts say, in 2018 ICO markets will undergo major changes. The regulators will come into play, working to set forth the requirements to token offerings and make exchanges disclose investors data.

This will surely result in a drastic reduction of scam projects where were pretty abundant in 2017.

Many insiders already openly say that the development trajectory for the cryptocurrency market is very similar to what was happening during the 2000’s dotcom boom.

Vitalik Buterin, who fathered Ethereum (the third largest cryptocurrency), is convinced that it’s only the strongest players that will survive with 90% of companies done in by a cleansing wave.

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Coinlancer is set to birth a destructive wave onto the freelancer services market. If you think that it’s a puny sector out there, think twice. Today, it’s already almost 20% of workforce that “freelance”. The team will seek to apply the blockchains tech, smart contracts and deposits in order to mitigate risks and improve quality of service. Importantly, this company looks to focus on a particular niche and not catchall markets, which significantly improves its chances to stand out “locally”. And the first mover advantage has played a major role in similar arrivals.

EOS looks to become a convenient and robust platform for smart contracts development. The investment project has already managed to raise over $800 million and the ICO will wrap up only in the summer. It should be noted that the forums and social media have negative-ish statements by users who point to insufficiently clear information on the methods and strategies that the company will roll out to reach the goals they set.

Cyphereum is a transaction platform that will cut down to the bone the processing time. It’s thousands and thousands of transactions that it’ll be able to process in just a second. The team has brought together “alumni” from such household names as Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

We wish that you make successful investments in 2018 and know that you’ll manage to locate some of the most promising projects. As for us, we’ve already done this and that’s why our 2018 ICO list draws lots of traffic.


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