One-Minute Blockchain News – May 14, 2022

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One-Minute Blockchain News – May 14, 2022

·       Vitalik Buterin has said that he intends to contribute to the development of EPIWATCH tool which utilizes AI and open source data to detect early pandemic warning signs. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Mara will launch cryptocurrency exchanges in Kenya, Nigeria, and surrounding regions. “Bitcoin News”

·       A district court in Shanghai rules that Bitcoin is virtual property with property rights. “Coin Telegraph”

·       MetaMetaverse platform released its first 5,000 NFTs on OpenSea. “U Today”

·       Inactive Bitcoin wallet with more than 30 million dollars Bitcoin has been activated after 8.5 years. “U Today”

·       The governor of the Bank of Spain explained how he thinks cryptocurrency and DeFi regulation issues should be addressed. “Bitcoin News”

·       Following, UST de-peg from the US dollar, fear has covered whale addresses as they have dumped 700 million dollars’ worth of USDT. “U Today”

·       Twitter deal temporarily on hold pending details supporting calculation that spam/fake accounts do indeed represent less than 5 percent of users. “Elon Musk”

·       Elon Musk claims that Dogecoin could be a viable currency. “U Today”

·       The Emirates airline is planning to recruit personnel that will help it create applications to monitor client needs. “Bitcoin News”


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