One-Minute Blockchain News – May 17, 2022

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One-Minute Blockchain News – May 17, 2022

·       The government of Portugal plans on taxing the exchange and sale of cryptocurrencies. “Coin Desk”

·       The senior and veteran investor Peter Schiff says Bitcoin is likely to drop even further down because of the bearish patterns. “U Today”

·       The Australian taxation office is honing in on crypto capital gains reporting in 2022, and noted that it will be tracking NFT investment too. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Bitcoin has now logged seven consecutive red candles on the weekly chart. “U Today”

·       FTX CEO says Bitcoin has no future as a means of payment, criticizes its lack of scaling and significant power consumption. “U Today”

·       LUNA circulating supply has increased by more than 6 billion in a matter of days. “U Today”

·       The UK government has affirmed its commitment to regulating Stablecoins following Terra collapse. “Bitcoin News”

·       The founder of Ethereum has called on the smaller Terra investors to be reimbursed while the whales can take personal responsibility and cop the loss. “Coin Telegraph”

·       President of El Salvador announces 44 countries will meet in this country tomorrow to discuss Bitcoin. “Bitcoin Magazine”

·       The CEO of Binance has said that this crypto exchange has received 15 million LUNA tokens in exchange for an investment of 3 million dollars. “Bitcoin News”


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