One-Minute Blockchain News – May 21, 2022

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One-Minute Blockchain News – May 21, 2022

·       The Swiss city of Lugano is going to host its first Bitcoin summer school program. “Bitcoin Magazine”

·       It seems that Ethereum’s transition to proof-of-stake will go ahead sometime in August. “Coin Telegraph”

·       The president of Panama will likely approve some parts of the crypto bill into law. “Bitcoin News”

·       Binance CEO says he will support the Terra community but expects more transparency. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Shiba now accepted by thousands of restaurants in 65 countries. “U Today”

·       While Terra vote on the new network will likely pass, decentralized platforms are not rushing to implement it. “U Today”

·       Ethereum’s switch to proof-of-stake will put more pressure on Bitcoin. “U Today”

·       LUNA and UST’s collapse was damaging for crypto as Mt. Gox, says prominent Blockchain founder. “Forbes Crypto”

·       Uncertain crypto regulations and even more uncertain regulators appear to be behind CBA’s decision to halt its crypto trading trial. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Indian crypto startup Stader suffered a 40 percent revenue hit when the Terra ecosystem imploded. “Bloomberg Crypto”


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