One-Minute Blockchain News – May 24, 2022

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One-Minute Blockchain News – May 24, 2022

·       A Russian court of appeal has overturned the decision to block the Tor Project in Russia. “Bitcoin News”

·       Terra LUNA founder has yet to support the notion of burning tokens. “U Today”

·       TAG Heuer introduces crypto payments in the US. “Bitcoin News”

·       Bit MEX cofounder has avoided jail time even though he violated US Bank Secrecy Act. “Bitcoin News”

·       Cardano’s total value locked increased after ADA 6 percent price increase. “U Today”

·       Bitcoin on-chain data paints disturbing picture for short and med term investors. “U Today”

·       Crypto investors targeted by scam airdrop campaign launched on behalf of Open Sea. “U Today”

·       Game Stop launches its own self-custodial crypto and NFT wallet. “U Today”

·       Balenciaga is the latest fashion brand to start accepting cryptocurrencies. “U Today”

·       A crypto entrepreneur says a decentralized system can solve many of the ills that Elon Musk has talked about. “Bloomberg Crypto”


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