One-Minute Blockchain News – May 25, 2022

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One-Minute Blockchain News – May 25, 2022

·       The American Senator Toomey is of the opinion that Terra may be a fraudulent project. “U Today”

·       The total trading volume of UniSwap has reached 1 trillion dollars. “U Today”

·       The legal system of Russia has sentenced two individuals for extorting cryptocurrency worth 1 million dollars. “Bitcoin News”

·       Data shows 12 percent of Americans traded or owned digital assets in 2021. “Coin Telegraph”

·       The collapse of the Terra USD Stablecoin shouldn’t prompt a pullout from all crypto, a top IMF official said. “Bloomberg Crypto”

·       South Korean financial authorities are looking to introduce measures to hold local crypto exchanges to greater scrutiny. “Coin Desk”

·       Coinbase joins the prestigious Fortune 500 rankings. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Bitcoin is on its way to being implemented in Central African Republic. “U Today”

·       The Indian Reserve Bank has stated that they have been cautioning against crypto from a long time ago. “Bitcoin News”

·       The South Korean police have requested crypto exchanges to freeze the assets of the Luna Foundation Guard to prevent fund transfers. “Bitcoin News”


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