Review of ICO blockchain projects within "Internet" sphere

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Review of ICO blockchain projects within "Internet" sphere

With the growing number of transactions and the transmission of various information, including confidential information,  there is a great necessity to ensure a high level of security from hackers and Internet scammers who distribute harmful software and specialize in data theft. Today, it`s necessary to create functional market services that provide a wide range of functions for a minimum commission. Such projects do appear thanks to blockchain technology. The introduction of smart contracts allows to make any necessary manipulations on a confidential level during the short period of time. In addition to this platform is based on the blockchain technology and it can be successfully used as databases with access only for a limited number of people. In our review we will consider the most interesting projects.

DIW Token (DIW)

Project, which allows to protect personal data  while working on the Internet. The decentralized platform based on blockchain technology provides its users a wide range of services. This is the encryption of confidential information, a downloaded data store, a payment service with a minimum commission for the transfer or payment of both Fiat money and cryptocurrency.

At the moment, the Pre-ICO stage has been launched and will continue until March 20, 2018. The ICO procedure is starting on March 23, during which it is planned to attract cash investments up to $ 28,000,000. A total of 700,000,000 DIW tokens will be produced. The cost of each token is 0.000125 ETH. Limitations on the volume of procurement is not provided. The ICO will be implemented on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain platform.

2100NEWS (NWS)

The project will be an information portal for a limited number of subscribers. Users will be able to receive news and analysis materials on the decentralized economy and cryptocurrencies. In particular, it will be possible to get acquainted with the reviews of the new ICO and the official reporting of financial issuers in this market. A prototype of the working platform has already been released, which is being actively tested.

Practically the other day, on March 14, the ICO procedure started. A total of 125,000,000 tokens have been issued. The maximum amount of attracted investments can reach up to 12 500 000 US dollars, at a cost of 1 NWS = 0.1 US dollars. The ICO procedure takes place on a decentralized Ethereum platform.

AffiliateCoin (AFLC)

The project is based on the decentralized blockchain platform and is designed to provide a high level of reliability and security during the monetary transactions on the Internet. In this case, the technology of smart contracts is used.

Currently, the procedure ICO is going on, and it has to be completed on June 25, 2018. 1,000,000 AFLC tokens are issued for distribution. During the procedure, the developers are planning to attract a cash investment of $ 8,000,000. The cost of one AFLC token is $ 0.7. ICO is provided on the Ethereum blockchain.

Projects are based on blockchain technology can provide reliable protection of personal data both during storage and when transferring to another user. The wide functionality of such platforms enables users to receive a high level of security and quality of services provided with a minimum commission.


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