Review of ICO Blockchain projects` within "Social Networks" sphere

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Review of ICO Blockchain projects` within "Social Networks" sphere

Social networks, sites with video content, online messengers have already entered our life. Today  we can hardly imagine our life without such network sites, where people share their thoughts, photos, video and audio files. The role of social networks will only increase, and nowadays these are full-fledged platforms, where deals are made and online trade is conducted. Therefore, this sphere has great potential  and up to date direction  for the use of blockchain technology. Many users are faced the fact that the social networks`  market  is almost completely monopolized by large corporations. For this reason, the content makers do not have the opportunity to earn well, but are compelled to pay for the promotion of the created resources. Projects on the blockchain system will be able to solve this issue by creating an alternative for large online sites. This will allow users to receive high-quality content, and bloggers can gain  a reward for really popular info. Let`s look upon the most interesting blockchain projects in this area.

BuzzShow (GLDY)

Online project of video content, which  is created and posted by  users. For certain actions (creation, viewing, sharing the content), there are rewards provided in form of Goldies tokens. The volume of payments is determined by taking into account the popularity of the posted video. The advantage of this project is that the reward is paid directly to the user, bypassing the intermediaries.

Currently, the Pre-ICO stage is in process. During the upcoming ICO, it is planned to attract investments of up to USD 20,000,000. It is planned to release 93,000,000 Goldies tokens (GLDY) for distribution. The cost of one token will be 0.25 US dollars. The procedure will take place on the Ethereum blockchain platform.


The project is located on the decentralized blockchain platform. It`s a multifunctional social network where users can receive a certain reward in the form of tokens for their activity (creation, placement, viewing of video content and photos). Both the web version and the mobile Android and iOS applications will be launched.

Currently, the ICO process has started and is going on, which will last until March 26, 2018. At the moment, 1 841 979 YOU tokens have already been implemented. A total of 55,000,000 tokens have been produced. It is planned to collect funds in the amount of 47,300,000 US dollars. The minimum purchase volume is 100 YOU, the price of one unit is 0.001 ETH. ICO is located on the Ethereum platform.

ZeroState (ZSC)

A unique project located on a decentralized blockchain platform, created on the basis of emotional artificial intelligence. Certain  effective solutions are made with the help of knowledge collected about the relationship between users and the feelings they experience,. One such solution makes it possible to combine the efforts of advertisers and users. Thus, the latter can earn tokens for placing advertisements.

The ICO started just a few days ago (March 21, 2018), which will last until August 31. The main goal is to receive cash in the amount of USD 20,000,000. A total of 65,000,000 ZSC tokens will be issued. The minimum purchase limit is 100 ZSC. The cost of one token will be 0.00047 ETH. ICO takes place on the Ethereum platform.

Blockchain technology has great opportunities for implementation in projects in "Social networks" sphere. This will allow a large number of users to monetize their traffic at online platforms, receive a reward for creating and posting content.

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