Review of ICO blockchain projects within "Tourism" sphere

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Review of ICO blockchain projects within "Tourism" sphere

There is a fairly large turnover of cash flows in the tourism industry. However, despite the growing popularity of travel and recreation  to different countries around the world, this industry remains almost unregulated. Tourists are forced to accept conditions of operators which are not always loyal, overpay for services of poor quality and even lose their money due to fraud schemes. Blockchain projects will give the  users an opportunity to choose the conditions of their holiday, the cost and type of services provided. At the same time, the main emphasis in such platforms will be given to convenience, speed, availability. Let's take a look at the most interesting projects on the blockchain platform in the tourism industry.


The project, based on of blockchain technology  is located on the decentralized NEO platform/ It`s a mobile application for users going on vacation. With the help of this application they will be able to book a hotel in any country in the world without any commission. At the same time, you can pay for the reservation using both Fiat money and cryptocurrency.

The ICO procedure is set on March 31, 2018. Token Sale will last until April 30. During this time, it is planned to sell 45,000,000 CGE tokens for $ 15,750,000. There is a limitation on both the minimum and the maximum number of tokens to be purchased. So, the smallest party will make 500 CGE, the largest - 125 000 CGE. The cost of one token will be $ 0.35

Cool Cousin (CUZ)

The project is a mobile application itself  and its principle of work is similar to thematic forums, where tourists share their impressions of visiting one or another country, city, resort. The application is addressed first of all to those who prefer planning their own holiday and planning a route in advance. Posting the content, users will be able to receive a reward in the form of tokens.

Now the Pre-ICO stage is started. The ICO process is expected to start in April 2018. 300,000,000 CUZ tokens will be issued. It is planned to attract investments in the amount of US $ 15,260,000. 1 CUZ = 0.00026 ETH. There is a minimum purchase limit of 377 CUZ. ICO will be held on the Ethereum blockchain platform.


A unique project that provides the opportunity to rent a special mobile home for living anywhere in the world. For a small amount, users will be able to use a full house, saving their time and enjoying comfortable accommodations. House rent can be paid by tokens. The project will be implemented on its own decentralized IoT platform based on the blockchain technology.

Currently, the ICO procedure continues, and will last until May 29, 2018. During the procedure, it is planned to attract investments in the amount of US $ 54,000,000. A total of 54,000,000 GO tokens have been produced. The cost of one token is 0.0002 ETH. ICO is located on the Ethereum platform.

The implementation of projects based on blockchain technology will provide a wonderful opportunity to plan your trip or vacation in advance. At the same time, you can save considerably, because users do not have to pay commissions for various intermediary services. Booking of hotels, rental of mobile homes, access to real reviews of people who visited this or that place. The variability of  blockchain projects` implementation is really very great.

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