Review of ICO financial projects at Blockchain

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Review of ICO financial projects at Blockchain

The crypto-currency market actively develops in recent years. A lot of private investors consider virtual currencies as a good opportunity for investing their money. But as of today, most of them face a lot of problems. For example, how can one officially buy a crypto-currency? How to transfer crypto-currency savings into fiduciary funds? How to transfer safely one virtual coin into another? How to determine the prospects of any ICO-project?

In the ever-changing information field, potential investors don’t manage to monitor the latest trends. It’s worth taking into account that the crypto-currency market is still quite young, and lots of large financial institutions and trading companies regard this direction very carefully. Therefore, companies that will provide an opportunity for execution of financial transactions and provide professional consulting services in the field of crypto-currency investments are urgently needed.

Let's consider the most advanced ICO-projects in this field.

European Crypto Bank (ECB)

The project considers creation of a specialized crypto-currency bank and a trading platform for execution of financial transactions with virtual currencies and fiduciary funds. Company’s specialists will provide consulting services concerning taxation of projects at Blockchain, evaluation of ICO-projects and provide services of money management.

Within the framework of the project the ICO-process has been started up, in terms of which it’s expected to implement 345 414 463 tokens. The cost of one token will be 0,63 EUR. ICO is performed at the ETHEREUM platform.

Paymon (PMNT)

The project represents a platform for conducting popular financial transactions (transfer, withdrawal, exchange) with crypto-currencies. It works on the basis of a specially developed instant messenger for Android and iOS mobile platforms. At the moment, the developers have already created the test version application.

The ICO-stage has been already started up, in terms of which it’s planned to invoke 8 250 000 US dollars. Totally, 400 million tokens are already issued; the cost of one token is 0,015 US dollars. ICO is implemented at the ETHEREUM blockchain-platform.

Handelion (HION)

The project on creation a bockchain-platform for conducting transactions between different parties (merchants, purchasers, logisticians, buyers) in the course of a trade transaction. As of today, the developers have completed all the preparatory works. The project is fully ready for starting-up. The only nuance is the relevance of such a platform. Nowadays there are a lot of similar projects at the crypto-currency market, so the developers may face significant business competition.

The ICO-process is implemented. Totally, the project is expected to invoke 25 million US dollars. It has been issued 29 750 000 tokens, 1 HION = 0,0021 ETH. ICO is performed at the ETHEREUM blockchain-platform.

Vestopia (VTP)

The project considers creation of an integrated investment ecosystem, the goal of which is to ensure the creation of a profitable chain for tokens holders. Users will be able to re-invest tokens into new projects, constantly increasing their income.

At the moment ICO is being continued. Totally, there are already 52 million tokens are issued (the cost of one token is 0,0002 ETH). It’s expected to invoke 10 million US dollars. ICO is implemented at the Ethereum platform.

Summarizing the review of ICO financial projects at Blockchain, it’s worth saying that such direction is extremely relevant for the insufficient developed crypto-currencies market. A lot of investors incur a deficit of convenient and flexible instruments for investing and conducting various operations with virtual coins. In addition, affected by the dynamic emerging ICO-projects, it’s important that there are companies that can conduct analytics and provide a forecast of the prospects for funds’ investing.

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