Review of the ICO-projects at Blockchain in the field of Real Estate

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Review of the ICO-projects at Blockchain in the field of Real Estate

As of today, real estate is an industry where technologies for creation of a decentralized blockchain-platform are being actively integrated. First of all, such projects are intended to significantly simplify the buying and selling procedures of real estate facilities, implementation of the document management, and reducing the number of bureaucratic procedures. The blockchain-platforms will allow establishing order at the market, providing an opportunity for direct sellers and buyers to make a deal under the mutually beneficial terms. One of the significant advantages of these projects is a significant reduction in agency fees, up to 1%. This will allow regulating activities of the real estate companies, significantly reduce the number of dealers, and expand the boundaries of the real estate market. Let's consider in more detail the most advanced of them.

Deedcoin (Deed)

The project considers creating a decentralized blockchain-platform for conducting transactions at the real estate market. Thanks to this service the control over the main processes will pass exactly to the hands of sellers and purchasers, what will allow minimizing transaction fees up to 1%. Herewith, the real economy cut of a purchaser can be up to 2% of the real estate facility’s cost.  

Just a very short while ago the pre-ICO stage started, which will continue for a month. Starting ICO is planned for the 19th of March, 2018. In the course of this procedure it’s expected to invoke 105 million US dollars.Totally, 70 million tokens will be issued; the cost of each Deed will be 1,5 US dollars. Tokensale will be performed at the Ethereum blockchain-platform. 

Etheera (ETA)

One of the first projects implemented on a decentralized blockchain-platform for conducting main operations with the real estate facilities. Using this platform will make it possible to buy, With the help of this platform it will be possible to buy, rent apartments, premises, including those of Bed & Breakfast categories. Such a project will be an excellent solution for all participants of the market, legal entities and private individuals. Wide opportunities are also opened for effective activity of professional brokers.

The ICO process continues, and will last until the 17th of April, 2018. Totally, 75 billion tokens have been already issued, and it’s planned to invoke maximum investments of 105 million US. The cost of one token is 0,000002 ETH. ICO is performed at the Ethereum blockchain-platform.

Therealtycoin (RTC)

The project for the development of a decentralized blockchain-platform, intended to purchase real estate facilities at a lower price and their later resale at a higher one. According to the idea of developers, the RTC-token can become a universal payment instrument for performing financial transactions between participants of this market.

At the moment, the ICO process, which have been started on the 19th January, continues, and will last until the 28th of February, 2018. Totally, 500 million tokens have been issed for distribution. It’s planned to invoke 500 000 US dollars. The cost of one RTC-token will be 0,00036 ETH. ICO is implemented at the Ethereum platform.

The blockchain technology already finds its practical application in the field of real estate. Integrating such projects will facilitate the simplification of the buying and selling procedure of real estate facilities, will allow saving or earning money when conducting a transaction, shorten the time for filling out and processing all the necessary documentation, will significantly reduce the agency fees rate. All of these things open up widespread prospects for the blockchain technology at this market.


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