Shiba Burn Rate Raises Concern

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Shiba Burn Rate Raises Concern

·       Lawyer of the Ripple platform has said that the views SEC’s strategy for enforcing crypto regulations as absurd. “U Today”

·       Shib burn rate raises concerns. “U Today”

·       The bears aren’t finished feeding, according to Glassnode. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Vitalik Buterin says that crypto enthusiasts should not be afraid to call out scammers. “U Today”

·       The SEC had laid charges against 11 people that allegedly took part in a 300-million-dollar scam. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Singapore wants to implements regulations to address risks of Stablecoins. “Coin Telegraph”

·       1inch will use a search algorithm that finds swapping routes to find optimal rates for Wirex user swaps. “Coin Telegraph”

·       The Metaverse market share to surpass 50 billion dollars by 2026. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Bitcoin sees a brief tap of 23,000 dollars as Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan visit excites markets. “Coin Telegraph”

·       DOT declines nearly 10 percent, moving away from recent 6-week high. “Bitcoin News”


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