Short review of cryptocurrency exchanges

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Short review of cryptocurrency exchanges

The relevance of cryptocurrency trading grows every day. Cryptocurrency exchanges and crowdsale (ICO) are considered the most popular methods for obtaining the digital currency. Each of these methods has its own benefits and specific features. Now we'll talk about reliable and proven platforms for transactions with currency pairs.

Popular platforms for buying the cryptocurrency

Today, there are numerous cryptocurrency exchanges. The most relevant coins can be found on almost any exchange, but there are tokens, the purchase of which requires much effort. Certain markets offer only one or two types of digital currency; some exchanges specialize in a small number of popular coins, while the others trade new cryptocurrencies in a large volume.

So, the most trendy and reliable platforms where users can sell or buy tokens are:

  • Poloniex. This is the largest and most popular platform in the world. It appeared in 2014, and since that time has taken the lead in the daily trading volume. It enables to sell and purchase all types of cryptocurrency that are currently in demand. This platform offers quick support for the traders. Despite the lack of an interface in Russian, it is easy to understand the site using the integrated translator. The fee ranges from 0.15% for opening positions to 0.1-0.25% for closing positions;

  • Binance. Location — Hong Kong, year of foundation — 2017. Despite its recency, this exchange has already won its loyal users. The site takes the 4th place in the ranking by the daily trading volume. The site has also the Russian version. It offers a low fee of 0.1%, high-speed processing of transactions with 87 types of digital currency. Traders can use a special app to carry out transactions through mobile gadgets;

  • HitBTC. This Bitcoin exchange was launched six years ago. It offers cryptocurrency and tokens. The platform features a simple interface, high transaction speed, and multi-currency service; the fee makes 0.1%. Such parameters create comfortable trading conditions. Mandatory conditions for transactions are registration and verification of the user profile;

  • Kraken. This is undoubtedly the largest platform for transactions with the digital currencies. The domain was registered in 2000, but the full-fledged functioning started in the second half of 2011. The founder was a company from San Francisco, USA. The popularity of this exchange is confirmed by numerous positive reviews left by users from all over the world. Kraken ranks second in the list by the daily trading volume. Currently the exchange charges a 0.2% fee and decreases it as the transaction turnover grows. The site is available in many languages. It is inferior to Poloniex only in the number of currency pairs;

  • Bittrex. It's a platform for exchanging and trading with cryptocurrency that is barely used by the Russian-speaking traders. This is caused by the lack of the Russian version and the 0.25% fee. The exchange is preferred by users who are interested in less known digital currencies. There are many currency pairs, but only Bitcoin can be converted into USD. Therefore, it you exchange , for example, Ethereum you will first need to convert it into BTC.

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