The Importance Of Adopting The Right Tools and Methods In ICO Promotion

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The Importance Of Adopting The Right Tools and Methods In ICO Promotion

The cryptocurrency scene has become quite peculiar these days, and it seems more difficult, trying to pitch prospective blockchain projects before prospective investors. Most investing stakeholders have lamented the unavailability of a well-structured security and insurance framework, that could somewhat act as a general ICO ombudsman. This is consequently an underlying reason why the ideal investor would need some extra convincing, before deciding to support any ICO inclined project. Now, all of these becomes valid, considering the drastic increase in failed ICO projects and other ICO investment frauds.

However, since it is impossible to rule out the relevance of this event in cryptocurrency technology development and adoption, project developers and investors have found a solution in the recent modifications to advertising ICO, and other marketing ICO strategies. Now, there are perceived ideal indicators that investors want to look out for before they decide to put their money on any project of ICO. Consequently, ICO project partners have also realized the importance of these, and are now finding ways of incorporating the needful into their marketing ICO strategies.

What should be the essential components of the ideal marketing ICO?

When initiating and executing an ICO promotion campaign, there are some contemporary approaches that would make the advertising ICO achieve its objectives. Note that sometimes, this is in fact, different from the importance of having an impressive project whitepaper and the roadmap.

Nowadays, it is essential to have an input of positive external opinions in the project’s overall advertising ICO structure. This means investors would also be making their judgments based on other trusted opinion and indices, other than the hype created by the project team themselves. This could even be the major determining yardstick for a newcomer or amateur digital currency investors.

Some of the essential components of the ideal marketing ICO includes the following:

• Use of ratings obtained from trusted ICO listing platforms

As part of efforts aimed at bringing back some needed integrity and accountability to ICO crowdfunding events, there are now some dedicated ICO listing platforms. These platforms have been mandated with the responsibility of assessing intending and advertising ICO projects, in a bid to ensure that they meet ideal specifications that would qualify them to fit for investment, by potential investors.

Most times, the platforms give ratings based on individual project assessments and using various determined criteria. Some of the influencing criteria may include the level of information and interactiveness of the project team, overall feasibility of the project, member profile of the project team and their antecedence/achievements, etcetera.

A high score rating for an advertising ICO is explained to mean that the project has a good tendency of being successful, and is hence a green go light for intending investors.

According to observed statistics, this ICO credibility service has helped cut down on the instances of lost cryptocurrency investments. This is because investors are availed of useful insights on every project, and they most likely wouldn’t go for a project that has not been assessed. ICO listing platforms have also helped new cryptocurrency investors come onto the scene with a raised level of assurance, hence promoting cryptocurrency adoption- one way or the other.

With all of these implications for ICO developers, a marketing ICO team must ensure that they have good ratings from at least two ICO listing platforms. Investors want to see these ratings, and it may be a hindrance for the ICO that does not have a rating or a low rating at that.

Importantly also, ICO project developers should make sure that their rate scores are obtained from top recognized ICO listing platforms if they want their efforts in this regard to count. Note that although the advantages of ICO listing has been well acknowledged, some of the platforms are said to be characterized by one form of abuse or the other. Hence, ICO listing platforms too should be carefully selected, by the project team.

• Use of ICO escrow service providers

ICO escrow providers have a similar function with the ICO listing platform- to boost credibility ratings and acceptance tendencies for the concerned project. However, escrow agents are more of individuals than organizations. They are persons are known in the cryptocurrency community, and who have made contribution immensely to the growth of the overall blockchain technology, and/or any of its accompanying functional elements. This means in all essence that there are specific conditions that must be met before an individual qualifies to be an agent of ICO escrow.

The basic responsibility of an ICO escrow agent in ICO promotion is to become a part of the project implementation team. Investors are more likely to settle down for a project that has an escrow agent on board, than another without one. A number of ICO crowdfunding events have not been able to hit the hard cap for their projects, due to closely related reasons. Whenever this happens, it is most likely because the project was not able to garner all the support that was needed, due to skepticism on the part of investors. It is sometimes assumed that the team members are entirely new on the cryptocurrency front, would lack certain required experience and expertise to see their intended blockchain-hosted projects to completion. The announcement of an escrow agent as project advisor or a key implementation member tends to erase this tendency by a reasonable sum. Hence, the possible impacts of escrow agents in advertising ICO, cannot be overemphasized.

General ICO promotion methods

There are some general promotional methods in marketing ICO programs. They are the most utilized means, and almost all birthing ICOs would readily make use of any or all of them. This does not mean they would produce as many results as the directed promotional means that carefully focuses on the individual ICO, and how it could be of benefit to investors.

For instance, the use of social media platforms and email marketing techniques, are common marketing ICO strategies.


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