The new Foundico cryptocurrency exchange listing platform

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The new Foundico cryptocurrency exchange listing platform

Digital currencies are fast becoming an integral part of the everyday society, with more people finding ways of leveraging on the opportunities within. Trading activities involving cryptocurrencies have increased in the last few months, and this trend is not likely to decline. However, problems bothering on the authenticity and reliability of existing exchange platforms, are a big reason for concern. The bulk of cryptocurrency investment traders ideally seek a trade facilitating framework that is apt in every way. This requirement includes the exchange platform’s trustworthiness, and its ability to ensure operation sustainability.

Now, although the cryptocurrency scene is undeniably marked by irregularities from unscrupulous elements, there are still the reliable influencers and service providers. The issue, therefore, is how to identify the good guys from the bad guys. For cryptocurrency traders, this means there is a need to identify which crypto exchange platforms are viable and capable of providing the best trading solutions, from those that are just waiting to explode away with investors’ funds. Note that as important as this is, majority of crypto investors do not readily know how to go about this, and are unreasonably exposed to the risks thereof.

Consequently, the objectives of the solutions provided by the Foundico digital currency information providing company aims at tackling these challenges. Now, prospective investors can have a detailed report about each exchange, that suggests and points them to a proper cause of action. Analysts and stakeholders have applauded this innovation- especially because of the rating indices that it adopts, commending the founders for a roadmap well made.

The Considered Indices In Foundico’s Cryptocurrency Exchange Rating Procedures

The Foundico digital currency exchange rating is now considered pivotal and influential in the traders' choice of exchange decisions. This is because the Foundico listing company adopts a robust and effective evaluation strategy. Hence according to its exchange rating roadmap, any exchange platform that would rate amongst the top crypto exchanges, must be able to satisfactorily fulfill a very large percentage of the determining factors.

Some of the determining factors include the following:

• Availability of a mobile application for carrying out exchange activities

The use of mobile applications for running crypto trade activities will always be a step in the right direction. This is because it helps the trader carry out trading activities when he is on the go, as well as easily keep him abreast of important information- such as crypto exchange rates, price gaining and price losing tokens, etcetera.

The availability of a mobile application for any exchange platform, speaks volume of the exchange’s advancement and development levels. Asides this, it importantly indicates how much user convenience and satisfaction, is being brought to the table for active and prospective users.

• Provision of free demo accounts for users

Another important factor that influences Foundico’s crypto exchange rating is whether or not; there is a free and easy to use demo account for crypto trading practice. The availability of this, enables crypto traders carry out free, risk-free practicals on how general trading works, and the best ways to leverage on their chances. It also exposes the new user to understand how the individual crypto exchange works, as well as the best trading practice to use when trading on the platform.

A crypto exchange platform with a free demo account shows a readiness to see its users trade successfully. This consequently adds to its ratings according to Foundico’s standards, since it meets a desire and expectation of the average crypto trader.

• Provision (or not) of technical analysis tools on exchange

One of the important elements that facilitate ease of crypto exchange platform use and trading, is the availability of concise technical analysis tools. These analysis tools help the average trader observe market tendencies, giving them clearer insights into making better trade predictions. Technical analysis tools are very important for the trader, and their use can greatly influence whatever results the trader is getting- especially on the long run.

Hence, fundamentally Foundico exchange rating procedures recognize and list top crypto exchanges, based on the amount of trading ‘assistance' that they render to their platform users.

• Number of languages supported

An exchange platform that supports more languages tends to create a more viable trading opportunity. This is true since the use of lesser language options limits the number of intending users who would be able to use the platform. Multi-language support enables different users from everywhere within the crypto community, hence creating a larger community of traders on the platform.

Foundico considers this germane and important for long term sustainability of any crypto exchange provider.

• Support team response and feedback speed

This is one of the most influencing factors to whatever ratings an exchange is able to get on the Foundico listing. Over time, many of the so-called top crypto exchanges have declined or failed in providing prompt user support response, hence making them lose service credibility.

Exchange platforms must be able to provide answers and solutions to users challenges and questions, with an ability to respond speedily.

• Availability of developer API

The use of developer APIs may help the exchange account holder, customize the way they use their trading accounts. This feature enables the user has a diversified use of their trading accounts, in the ways that are most profitable to them.

Exchange Security Features Influencing Exchange Ratings

Foundico exchange ratings are carefully carried out, with a holistic approach that ensures that the exchange review is total and encompassing. Cryptocurrency exchange reviews would not be complete without considering individual platform’s adopted security framework. Some of the security features influencing Foundico exchange service ratings include the following:

• Whether KYC procedures are carried out

Know your customer (KYC) procedures, ensures that the integrity of the exchange community is kept intact. Every member has a recognized identity, hence reducing the chances of anonymous fraudulent activities. Any platform that must rank amongst the top crypto exchanges must have implemented a mandatory KYC requirement for its users.

• Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication protects the users trading account from unauthorized third-party access. This means that asides the conventional email and password logins, there is an additional protective requirement that must be met before access is granted. This is an important requirement for a good rating on Foundico.

Now, there are other ideal operation features on a digital currency exchange, that serves as a determinant of whatever rating the exchange gets. Foundico aims at protecting the overall interests of cryptocurrency users, and we may yet anticipate another targeted solution in the near future.

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