VeChain Blockchain Tech Used to Store COVID-19 Vaccination Records

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VeChain Blockchain Tech Used to Store COVID-19 Vaccination Records

To save its vaccination records a hospital in Cyprus is now using the VeChain Blockchain technology.

One of the biggest health centers in Cyprus known as the Mediterranean Hospital shows another engrossing use case of the supply chain logistics platform by saving its records of Covid-19 vaccinations on an app offered by VeChain technology system.

As the hospital said in the news, 100 doctors and staff had their first dose of Covid-19 injections. Each one of the personnel who is vaccinated received a digital certificate on an electronic wallet E-HCert app to access their lab results.

Based on the Mediterranean hospital statement, these digital certificates can be considered as a different gate to the digital transformation of healthcare industry due to VeChainThor Blockchain.

A Twitter post by the company mentioned earlier that the governments and individuals would be assured of the quality and authenticity of the outcomes of the first 100 Coronavirus vaccination records at the Mediterranean hospital and they are already safely stored on the VeChain public Blockchain.

According to the VeChain, the E-HCert app was applied at the hospital more than three months from June 2020 to August 2020 and stored the Coronavirus test results of over 8,000 people during that time.

Aretaeio Hospital which is another hospital in Cyprus has joined the digital lab test wallet solution and is going to follow the same procedure as the Mediterranean follows.

VeChain platform has picked out the healthcare industry due to its potentials which can be conducted by Blockchain technology and change the whole medical system to have finer functions.

This Blockchain company claims that its technology gives the best opportunity to the healthcare industry to remodel the disrupted pattern being already used in the organization and alter the whole healthcare, test results, therapeutics, diagnostics delivery service plus information exchange process by a developed and secured procedure.

With a partnership formed among Walmart, BMW, and LVMH, and also the Chinese government’s strong support, VeChain affirms that it is able to provide a secure product lifecycle program directing supply chain management and protocols of the internet of things.

With a market capitalization of $1.95 billion, Vet, VeChain's cryptocurrency is ranked 20th and has over 20% raise in the past 24 hours and 56% in the past week.

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