What is ICO bounty? It's benefits and harm.

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What is ICO bounty? It's benefits and harm.

Bounty campaign consists in marketing activities for promotion of startup which are conducted by users for the digital reward. This procedure is widely demanded before the ICO launch process. The campaign purpose is to reward the participants for assistance in advertising the upcoming initial coin offering or for other related actions.

People get the opportunity to earn the project's tokens for performing various actions aimed at attracting the audience to the planned ICO. Bounty ICO is a great chance to get tokens of the startup you liked in advance without investing your own cryptocurrency or fiat money.

Advantages of the bounty campaign are minimization of expenses for marketing promotion, wide coverage of the target audience, and efficiency. Users have the opportunity to get paid for the time they spent on forums, blogs, social networks, messengers, or for investing their knowledge and skills in a fascinating project. Both sides are satisfied with such cooperation.

Are there any risks of participating in the program?

A sound advantage for the novice traders is absence of the need to invest in development. A person does not risk their funds and receives tokens after having performed certain actions. The tokens can be then exchanged for fiat money or sold for another cryptocurrency.

But there is also another side — not all the planned projects manage to raise even the minimum amount of investment, which is so essential for development. In this case, the developers will not return you the time you spent on tasks. Therefore, you should carefully analyze the bounty program and the ICO itself.

How to choose an ICO on the rating platform?

ICO rating offers valuable information about the planned startup, such as:

  • reviews and information about the developers' reputation;

  • data on the capitalization level and financial attractiveness;

  • amount of the reward for bounty campaign;

  • degree of the task complexity.

Being guided by these indicators, each user of the platform will be able to choose the promising options that will bring a good income in the form of digital currency.

Today you can stumble on outright hopeless projects on the Internet. If a person has only recently become interested in the cryptocurrency market and ICO, it will not be easy to find and choose a worthy startup for development. In this case, it is recommended to use the online resources offering extensive information for analyzing and searching for bounty ICO, for example, blogs, bounty trackers, rating platforms.

In most cases, bounty campaigns are published on the website of ICO projects. Users can visit the calendar section where upcoming or ending startups for the next 30 days are presented. platform offers the users to visit the ICO section. There is a subsection here — planned projects. It is in this category that you can find all the detailed information about the planned projects and the level of remuneration for participating in bounty campaigns.

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