Where can you find information about ICO projects?

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Where can you find information about ICO projects?

At our website, you can find an extensive list of ongoing and upcoming ICO projects. We roll out useful and detailed reviews that will surely help you make the right choice. Although many laymen believe that any initial coin offering is a scam scheme, it's not true at all. Yes, there's no question that there's a certain number of scam projects, but it's easy to locate them and sway around down the road.

Make sure that you’ve added our website to the favorites. Here, you can always find the most updated information much easier than at other resources.

What is an initial coin offering (ICO) in the nutshell?

It's a process, during which an organizer issues the so-called "tokens". Subsequently, this cryptocurrency will be circulating within the application. The investors make contributions in cash, while getting the "cryptotokens" in return.

Should this application explode and "shoot to the Moon", the investors will see astonishing profits. However, it's quite a few projects that achieve a real success in their journey.

I've found a great ITO. What's next?

IThat's great! So, if you've located a juicy ITO (initial token offering – another name for this process) opportunity, you need to visit various review sites, company's website and social media in order to learn all that you can.

If you grow to be sure that it's a worthy project, you can invest a smaller amount that you won't be afraid to lose.

How do I make sure that this pustular cryptotoken will turn profit?

Naturally, it's a high-risk investment we are talking about. So, where can you find the information about the ICOs, so that you can make sure that this project is worth your attention? These are the main things to watch out for:

  • developers team with extensive experience in blockchains and cryptocurrencies;
  • easy-to-read and in-depth White Paper, which shows the real problem that the investment project seeks to address;
  • actively managed social media.

Make sure that you spend some time looking through the English-language social threads. Even though a project doesn't have a Russian-language thread, it’s not a red flag at all. This can be a great project with enormous underlying potential, but the guys with the team just haven’t had the time to translate threads from English into other languages. And where can you find such threads for an ICO? At Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk, Slack, Instagram.

If you've found a high-potential deal on an initial offering in cryptocurrencies, but there's no info at our website about it, make sure that you drop us a line. We will look into this "megaproject". If it's a worthy proposition, we will write a review on it and send you a notification on its publication.

We wish you success in your deals and major profits!

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