Who topped the rating of cryptocurrency exchanges and how to choose a platform, being a beginner?

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Who topped the rating of cryptocurrency exchanges and how to choose a platform, being a beginner?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are used for trading, exchanging the electronic coins, and storing the virtual assets. The latter option is the worst, because some exchanges may turn into scam and the savings will sink into oblivion. But it's a good strategy to become a trader and use this resource as an exchanger.

To start trading and earning on the exchange, you will need to select the appropriate site. Set search parameters at exchanges page and find the best cryptocurrency exchange.

Tips for a beginner

Cryptocurrency exchange rating has been formed on the basis of several parameters:

  • number of trading pairs;

  • money turnover ($/day);

  • replenishment and withdrawal methods;

  • user verification requirements;

  • usability level;

  • availability of margin trading;

  • interface languages;

  • efficiency of support service;

  • security level and availability of two-factor authentication;

  • fee rate;

  • location and term of operation of the exchange.

You should compare these indicators to sift out the untrustworthy platforms. First, make sure the exchange is available in your country. Then you should evaluate the trading turnover per day, which can be used to assess the number of traders and the popularity of the site. Pay your attention to user reviews. Look for an exchange with low fees.

TOP popular cryptocurrency exchanges

EXMO is a trading platform, claiming the title of No. 1 in terms of liquidity and the daily volume. It is registered in the UK and successfully functions in the EU and CIS countries. Its services are used by more than 1.5 million users. Replenishments and withdrawals are made in digital currency and fiat money through popular payment systems. Having created an account, the user receives a wallet for storing various cryptocurrencies. The platform also provides a wallet for dollars, euros, rubles and hryvnia. The exchange offers 151 currency pairs and 42 coins. For its services, EXMO charges a fee at the rate of 0.2%.

OKEx is a successor of notorious OKCoin. A subsidiary of the popular Chinese exchange was established for futures trading after this section was closed on the main site. Its advantages include high liquidity of BTC/USD and LTC/USD currency pairs. OKEx does not charge a fee for depositing and withdrawing funds and charges low fees for open the positions (about 0.03%). 182 electronic coins and 620 currency pairs are available on the platform.

Panxora is a cryptocurrency exchange from Hong Kong. At first it was known as First Global Credit. Founders of the platform assign primary importance to the issue of security of assets and personal information of the users. The platforms offers work with cryptocurrencies and fiat money.

COSS is a platform from Singapore where funds are converted and traded. It offers extensive set of functions, its own token, and e-wallets for digital currencies and fiat money.

Learn more about cryptocurrency exchanges, choose the worldwide leaders or stake on the "dark horse".


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