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Last update of information about exchange: 31.07.2021


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5.7 Score Bololex
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Launch date: Jul 2020
Founder: Levon Arkelatyan
Decentralized: No
Deposit commission fee: Yes
Withdrawal commission fee: Yes
Minimum balance for trading: 0 USD
Types of currencies: Only crypto
Technical analysis tools: No
Margin trading: No
KYC required: No
Demo account: No
API availability: Yes
Two-factor authentication: Yes
Mobile application: No
Support team feedback speed: Medium Vote
Supported languages: English, Russian
Location: Russia


Bololex is a centralized exchange based in Russia and is only a crypto exchange which supports spot trading. Bololex is a technologically solid and stable platform with high security standards, low fees and versatile funding options.
Our key difference is stability and solidity in both user experience and core performance. The aim is to create a stable exchange which is solely dependent on crypto, and does not associate with fiat trading.
We also differentiate ourselves with the gamification of our ecosystem. Our voting program provides a unique gamified experience to users and simultaneously results in democratical decision on listing.
Furthermore, our crypto games are specially designed to provide opportunities for users to bet, play and earn crypto.


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