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7.8 Score BTC-Alpha
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Launch date: Nov 2016
Founder: Vitalii Bodnar
24H volume: $382,247 -20.29%
Total coins: 49
Total pairs: 80
Decentralized: No
Deposit commission fee: No
Withdrawal commission fee: Yes
Minimum balance for trading: 0.00001 BTC
Deposit methods (fiat): AdvCash, Perfect Money, ePay
Withdraw methods (fiat): AdvCash, Perfect Money, ePay
Types of currencies: Crypto and fiat
Technical analysis tools: Yes
Margin trading: No
KYC required: Yes
Demo account: No
API availability: Yes
Two-factor authentication: Yes
Mobile application: iOS, Android
Support team feedback speed: Medium Vote
Supported languages: English, Russian
Location: United Kingdom


BTC-Alpha is a digital asset trading platform providing advanced financial services to traders worldwide since 2016. Our platform is a reliable, secure and stable environment for crypto trading with low commission fee and 24/7 customer support. There are 98 coins and 188 currency pairs presented. BTC-Alpha is one of the top world secure crypto exchange. According to latest General Exchange Security Rating, provided by ICOrating, BTC-Alpha was ranked #14 out of 221 studied crypto exchanges with “A” rating. BTC-Alpha - we are trusted!


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