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Last update of this project: 16.07.2018


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8.5? ICO score
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Type: ICO
Category: Communications
Verified team: Yes (Members: 2)
Whitelist of investors: No
KYC of investors: No
Goal of funding: 26.000.000 USD
Tokens for sale: 4.392.000.000 VTR
Token price: 1 VTR = 0.00001 ETH
Minimum purchase: 10.000 VTR
Maximum purchase: 600.000.000 VTR
Airdrop program: Yes
Bounty program: Yes
Have escrow agent: No
Have working prototype: No
White paper: Open
Currencies: ETH
Platform: Ethereum
Location: Belarus


Rent an Avtara's body anywhere in the world. The platform unites the Customer, Avatara and the Translator to move the Customer around the world without a language problem.
Avatara is a level of Google, YouTube, Uber and other services. Why will it be global? Because it will give an opportunity to earn to millions of people. The Avatara creates new jobs.


Start time
2018 Aug 01th
End time
2018 Oct 15th
Percentage of completion
Development and team, Research, operational spends, employees, office, etc 53.00%
Place, global marketing and affiliate network 24.00%
Owners and developers bonus 12.00%
Payment for pr and marketing services done for ICO 6.00%
Community development 3.00%
Legal complience 2.00%
Bonuses and discounts
≥ 0,1 ETH: +5% bonus tokens
≥ 0,3 ETH: +20% bonus tokens
≥ 0,5 ETH: +30% bonus tokens
≥ 1 ETH: +42% bonus tokens
≥ 1,5 ETH: +45% bonus tokens
≥ 3 ETH: +51% bonus tokens
≥ 6 ETH: +60% bonus tokens
≥ 15 ETH: +70% bonus tokens
≥ 30 ETH: +75% bonus tokens


Latests posts
Fans count: 12471
Posts count: 77
Latest tweets
Followers count: 11812
Tweets count: 73


01.01.2011 The idea of ​​Avatara appeared in 2011 and was published in the media.

06.03.2018 Start of the pre-Sale.

22.04.2018 Team recruitment for the platform and mobile application development.

30.06.2018 Start of the pre-ICO and the ICO, it promotion. The platform creation. Market entry.

30.07.2018 Launching of the portal and mobile application in 12 languages.

30.10.2018 Gadgets production and building the distribution network.

30.11.2018 Promotion and sales of services and gadgets. Expansion to other countries.

30.06.2019 Creating new gadgets for Avatara.

30.07.2019 Continuation of expansion into language markets. Research for future development.

01.01.2020 Research, production and promotion of technology of direct data transmission.


Verified ?

Sergey Isakov

CVO. Experienced developer of innovative projects.

Verified ?

Nikolay Ignatenko

CEO. Met with Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

Evgeniy Svirskiy

Programmer, cloud software platforms creator.

Delev Oleg

Has 2 higher educations and a MBA degree.

Chernov Sergey

Develops gadgets for Avatara.

Tseitlin Aleksandr

15 years in the IT systems administration.

George Railean

Senior UI/UX Designer at Mozilla.

Shmaylov Aleksandr

Working experience in Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, etc.

Novikov Aleksandr

Full Stack Developer, over 8 years of experience.

Chernova Tatyana

Worked in China for more than 4 years.

Bogachova Tatyana

More than 7 years experience in customer support.

Günger Alice

Direct advertising, media department. Journalist.

Arthur Isakov

Department for work with Translators.


Anders Larsson

Included in the world's top 5 blockchain advisors.

Joakim Holmer

Branding & Business development Advisor.

Arthur Pinchuk

15 years of IT expertise.

Philipp Rowe

CEO of Rufil Consulting GmbH.

Michael Mozzhechkov

Working in Japan for more than 23 years.

Thomas Piehlig

He works in Rehau AG & CoHof, Bavaria, Germany.


Github commits for the last 6 months
Global rank: 929.593 Alexa rank for Avatara ICO


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