CacaoShares (CcS)

Last update of this project: 21.02.2018


Main info:
7.3? ICO score
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Type: Pre-ICO
Category: Industry
Verified team: No
Whitelist of investors: No
KYC of investors: No
Goal of funding: 200.000 USD
Tokens for sale: 100.000.000 CcS
Token price: 1 CcS = 0.36 USD
Minimum purchase: 1 CcS
Maximum purchase: 100.000.000 CcS
Airdrop program: No
Bounty program: No
Have escrow agent: Yes (Automatic)
Have working prototype: Yes
White paper: Open
Currencies: ETH
Platform: Ethereum
Location: Japan


CcS Token uses the blockchain Technology to solve two major problems of the Cacao Beans Trade and Export from Venezuela to Japan: Traceability and Availability, as chocolate becomes popular in Japan. This offer is for a PreICO get CcS Tokens at a substantial discount. We will use the funding for preparing the ICO with a proper Marketing budget and legal structure


Start date is to be announced
Legal 7.00%
Marketing 20.00%
Admin and Reserve 10.00%
Tree and App Development 43.00%
Team 20.00%
Bonuses and discounts
>1 ETH: 5%
>10 ETH: 10%




20.09.2017 Website and information Campaign

20.11.2017 Completed Token and ICO smart contract

31.12.2017 Completed Beta of Tree Manager App

31.01.2018 Listed the Token in  Etherscan

14.02.2018 Start Pre ICO

30.04.2018 Compete ICO

30.09.2018 Purchase Seedlings and start planting

19.07.2019 Open for public site visits

30.12.2019 Launch Tree Manager Worldwide

20.03.2023 First Cacao Export To Japan


Patino Jose Alejandro

Serial entrepreneur

Fares Akel

Smart Contract developer

Pavani Angelica

Cacao Grower

Rafael Devia

Budget management


Global rank: 19.583.854 Alexa rank for CacaoShares Pre-ICO


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